Many of us shop impulsively. We enter a store and buy things at random because either they’re on the season’s must-have trends list or just because they look attractive. And yet, when an occasion beckons, we are most often left staring at a closet full of clothes with nothing appropriate to wear. Sounds familiar, right?

But this New Year, let’s change the way you shop and give you a key to the not-so-secret world of smart shopping. There are some pieces that have stood the test of time and braved many a trend with equal flair. Here are 5 basic pieces that must find their way into your closet. Invest in these and you’ll be better equipped to answer that all-important question of “What do I wear?”.

Basic white top: It may seem boring but you’ll thank us later for making you buy it. A white top is the quintessential blank canvas of fashion. You can wear it with absolutely anything and dress it up as you like. It will shoulder the trend of a shimmer skirt with as much aplomb as it will add sophistication to a pair of your formal black trousers. Invest in a well-fitted white top and white dress that complements your body type, and you are sorted.

Dark denim jeans: The humble pair of basic denim jeans has been transformed into a statement piece with its coloured, printed and distressed avatars. However, a fashion trend that refuses to die is a pair of dark denim jeans that, we believe, should hold an enviable position in your closet. So if you don’t already own a pair, then we’re going to take the liberty and command you to get one, now! Why not invest in this wardrobe gem since a well-fitted pair of dark denims not only accentuates your best assets but also promises to take you from casual to dressy in a jiffy!

Printed scarf: This wardrobe jewel will barely take up any space in your closet but will enrich it in ways you can never imagine. A printed scarf can take your tee-and-denim look from boring to fun, while a solid coloured scarf will add a pop of colour to the dull monotony of an all-black outfit. Get creative by using it like a belt for your dress or wear it as a headband for a more retro look. We say, go ahead and add a scarf or two to your closet – its versatility is second to none.

Blazer: A well-fitting blazer is certainly an investment worth making because it will last you for years. It’s eternally fashionable, sexy and cool, all in one. Wear it with trousers, jeans or even a dress to add a bit of flair to your dressing style. Irrespective of how you style it, you will be trending. So, go on and splurge, girl!

Red shoes: Hit the fashion jackpot with a pair of chic red heels. Blacks and nudes are neutral colours, but when you wan to add a generous dose of glamour to your outfit, always rely on your trustworthy red heels. Red shoes are sexy and bold. They’re a powerful yet understated way of making a lasting fashion statement. A pair of red pumps adds an interesting element to your formal wear or your little black dress, while red trainers/wedge sneakers promise to elevate your causal denim look by several notches. They surely deserve a spot in your closet.

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