There are a zillion reasons to love parties – the dressing-up, the cocktails, the yummy food, the late-night revelry, the hours of dancing. But, all that partying has its hazardous side effects too. Party season implies drinking, eating out, sleeping late or maybe no sleeping at all and loads of make-up, which means your skin takes the brunt of it all. Well, fortunately a little damage control post-party can get your skin breathing again and you will wake up with fresh as a daisy looking as party ready as the day before!

Wash It Off

We all know the last thing that our drunken, sleep-deprived, tired post-party self needs is the trauma of splashing cold water on our face, rubbing the eyes till the stubborn waterproof mascara comes off. But, it’s most crucial thing too. If you leave on the makeup, your skin is not going to be able to repair itself while you take your beauty sleep. So, invest in a good make-up remover, and make sure to use water and a gentle cleansing foam face wash to get rid of all those pore-clogging make-up.

A Quick Treatment

The next step is to go for a quick but effective beauty treatment routine. Masks, serums and face oils always come to the rescue if you need serious visible results in no time. Make sure to exfoliate well. No amount of moisturizer can help you if the skin underneath is falling apart. So, never skip the scrub as it will get rid of all the flaky and dead skin cells giving way to fresh, soft skin.

Leave it On

To be honest, a good night’s sleep requires a good night serum that shall hydrate your skin instantly, reduce the puffiness, and gift you with soft & supple skin. Serums also combat dark spots, dullness, and irritated skin to give you soothing results. If you want to go the natural way, all you have to do is take some coconut oil onto your palms and massage it thoroughly on the face, including the eyelids and lashes. Now, wipe the entire face with a cotton ball soaked in rosewater and you are sure to wake up with glowing skin the next day.

Don’t Forget the Eyes

Your eyes are just a part of your face, but they require some extra attention. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive in the entire body and neglecting them shall leave you with baggy eyes that won’t complement your party looks very nicely. So, cucumber and eye creams can come to your rescue. Don’t forget to pop on some under-eye serum before heading to bed at night if you want to look fresh & bright-eyed at the next party!

Once you follow these steps, and take matters into your own hands to save your skin, you are free to enjoy the holiday season without any guilt. Also, make sure to drink lots and lots of water to detoxify your system after all the binge-eating and drinking. It takes only a bit of pampering to get your skin prepared for the craziness of the year-end parties, so get, set and party on!

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