skincare tips for winter

We all love winters – the nerve-tingling chill, the steaming cups of coffee, the warm layers of clothes, the sunny holiday afternoons, the weddings, the picnics, the parties, and of course, Christmas and New Year! But this is also the season which affects your skin the most. If you don’t take proper care, then the weather gives you dry skin, chapped lips and cracked heels, among other skin issues. So, following a skincare regime is of utmost importance during autumn and winter.

Moisturization is a must

The more you keep your skin moisturized in winters, the healthier your skin will be. Skin of your face, hands, feet or any other part that is exposed to the air dries up faster, and the best way to keep it soft & supple is to slather on a generous dose of moisturizer right after taking a shower. Go for a thick, oil-based moisturizer that will retain the moisture in your skin and keep it smooth and glowing. It’s also advisable to apply moisturizing lotion or cream to your hands, legs and face before going to sleep so that the moisturizer can work its magic overnight and keep your skin healthy!

DIY remedies at home

Homemade scrubs and masks are a great way of taking care of your skin in this season. You can make beauty concoctions using natural moisturizing agents such as honey, yoghurt, bananas, aloe vera etc. Whip up these DIY creams at home, apply as a mask and leave it on for 10-15 mins for the moisturizing qualities of the ingredients to take effect. Use these masks regularly for lasting effect and you’ll see your skin feeling fresh and glowing throughout the harsh winters.

Don’t manhandle your hands

Looking after your face and keeping it soft and smooth is important, of course, but make sure that doesn’t mean overlooking your hands which need equal attention during this season. The skin on your hands is comparatively thinner than other body parts. So, you must take special care to keep it hydrated and soft. Your exposed hands can get itchy, dry or cracked during the cold season, so it’s best to keep it well-moisturized with hand creams or lotions and wear gloves if you stay in really cold climes.

Exfoliate regularly

The dry atmosphere and the lack of moisture in winter create a layer of chapped dead cells on our skins. It’s necessary to remove those dead cells so that the skin stays healthy and soft. That’s precisely why you need to exfoliate, exfoliate and them exfoliate some more! Get yourself a good exfoliating mask or make one at home with natural ingredients, and use it on your face, hands and lightly on the lips too to get rid of all unwanted dry & dead skin cells. You can also use an exfoliating body wash during the colder months.

Remember, however stylishly you dress up, if your skin doesn’t look healthy & radiant, then your outfit won’t be able to make the desired impression. So, follow these skincare routines and keep yourself hydrated from within to flaunt soft, smooth and glowing skin throughout the cold season!






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