Holi is that one Indian festival that’s all about playing with colours, loud music, delicious food (read gujiyas) and of course having a complete blast with friends and family. But, as reluctantly as we can, we have to admit that this festival makes a mess that takes forever to clean up. You are left with harsh colours on your body that refuse to go away and multiple failed attempts at making your hair look as if it hasn’t been through a war zone. But, we have a way out for you. This Holi, follow these super effective skincare and hair hacks both pre and post the festival which will ensure the enjoyment continues without a glitch!

A Good Prep is all You Need

First things first, you should cover up! Instead of the sleeveless tank top, go for a long sleeved one to protect your skin as much as you can from coming in contact with harsh colours. Make sure to apply as much oil or body lotion you can on your face & body before you set out to brave the colours. Keep your hair tied up in a scarf or braid it up. Also, skip the foundation and kajal for Holi as you need only a hint of lip balm and a dollop of moisturizer and sunscreen. Make sure to paint your nails with nail polish and a clear top coat that will prevent the colours from directly affecting your nails.

Keep Up the Care

Just like you need to follow certain tips and tricks before you dive into the sea of colours, there are a few things to keep in mind post all the Holi madness. Start off with a warm lukewarm shower instead of a steaming hot one as hot water can further dry up your skin. You could also apply some curd to your hair to help get rid of the stubborn colours and give your hair back some nutrients. As for your skin, you need to start off with a gentle scrub to get rid of both the colour and the dead skin cells. Next, you need to wash it off with a gentle face wash. Now, after washing go the natural way as you rub a slice of lemon on your skin. It will brighten up the face and get those remaining colours out. And finally, after all this washing and scrubbing, it’s time to moisturize. Use a generous amount of your favourite moisturizer on your body after a nice warm shower, and you will be surprised at how soft and glowing your skin looks all day long.

These were some of the pre and post Holi hacks that you can swear by this year. Pick good skincare products from brands like Yves Rocher and The Face Shop that’ll help you take care of your skin & hair during all the festive hullabaloo! Lifestyle offers a wide range of beauty brands to choose from, so your Holi skincare routine is sorted. Now all you have to do is have a fun festival of colours with your near & dear ones!

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