Each year we start off by resolving to fix our lack of fitness and try to sneak in exercise into our daily routine by hitting the gym. But it’s an inevitable phenomenon that we stop associating with the gym and our instructor after a few weeks at most and we are back to square one. But this time, let’s do something different and be a part of the Kappa Fitness Mania to look good as well as stay fit at the same time. This brand is giving us serious fitness goals and a whole lot of reasons to stay motivated and indulge in simple easy daily exercises that’s gonna keep us fit and fine. So, all the lazy-yet wishful-for-a-fit-body men and women out there, it’s time for you to join the Kappa movement and achieve those  same fitness targets that once seemed impossible!

Walking your way to fitness

Now, what can be simpler and easier than walking?? But mind you walking your way to fitness doesn’t allow you to walk at a tortoise’s pace. This requires brisk walking to the grocery store or a 20-30 minute brisk walking thing early in the morning. You can definitely stay fit if you sneak in a brisk walking session anytime into the day, be it morning or evening, and with Kappa’s cool fitness wear, you will probably be more than ready to flaunt it. So men, just put on that crew neck t-shirt, training track pants and you are all set for that power walk. Ladies you are not far behind as you will look absolutely ready to get in shape in that Kappa raglan sleeves tee and knitted joggers. And there’s also a wide range of sports shoes that you can choose from. Well, if that’s not enough reason to start walking from tomorrow, what would be?

Running spree

Go on a running spree with Kappa as a run a day will surely keep the doctor away. It will help you lose those extra flabs and elevate your position on the fitness meter. Whether it’s a morning run or an evening one or a run at night, make sure to indulge in at least 15 minutes of running each day to gain a healthy body. Not motivated enough girls? Well, a Kappa cross strap back vest and knitted running shorts will do just that because Kappa’s new range of fitness clothing will leave you wanting for more. Boys, run a few rounds of the park or run your way to and fro on your lane and in that Kappa zip-up jacket and pair of jogger track pants and lace up sneakers, and stay fit, while looking dapper!

Yoga on the list 

Well, a simple way to cleanse your body, mind and soul and relax in this hectic daily schedule of yours is by taking out some time for yoga and meditation. Soothing your senses and helping to stay healthy inside out, yoga should definitely be on your list. So join the kappa fitness mania revolution and witness how you can stay fit and send out strong style statements while doing so. Put on your Kappa boxy t-shirt and with training tights and your yoga mat, you are good to go girl! Shed those worries and get that body fixed and fit. Even guys can go for the yoga way on days they want to miss out on rigorous training at the gym and see how a comfy Kappa t-shirt and a pair of 3/4th shorts make you feel yoga ready. After all, who doesn’t feel like exercising when you have comfy and stylish gym clothes at your disposal and that’s exactly what Kappa is all about!

All about Aerobics

Well, staying healthy and fit is no biggie when you know what do’s and don’ts to follow. And one of the biggest dos is to engage in aerobics. Be it doing Zumba steps watching YouTube videos or riding a stationary bicycle or trying out jumping jacks for 5 to 10 minutes straight or skipping sessions or playing tag, aerobics can be done in various simple and easy ways in your daily routine. You can even indulge in small doses of cardio such as a few push ups, a few squats, a plank, leg lifts and do a bit of a mini-workout at home itself to keep those muscles in good shape. Brands such as Kappa thus helps fitness enthusiasts like you to actually fill up the wardrobes with fitness wear and utilize them to the maximum extent. So ladies, don that sports bra, zip-up jacket and workout pants to look uber-cool and exercise-ready while men can go for zip-up training jackets, V-neck t-shirts and knitted joggers.

So, with Kappa clothes and accessories as your partners-in-fitness-journey, joining the Kappa Fitness Mania is nothing less than an achievement in itself. It’s time you start staying fit and healthy and Kappa motivates you like nothing else. So update your wardrobe with all the latest and coolest exercise gear from Kappa at affordable prices and let’s start with the workouts, shall we? And you can thank us later for a fit and healthy body.


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