In today’s age of hasty impressions, quick friendships, instant bondings and fast fashion; smelling good is equally as important as looking good. Your fragrance precedes you wherever you go, and how you smell makes a lasting first impression on people around you. The scent you choose to flaunt defines, not only your style sensibility, but your personality too! So, it’s important to drench yourself in some of the season’s trendiest fragrances to turn heads, or rather noses, everywhere!

Bvlgari Rose Goldea

Glorious feminine

The classy diva out there who is seen in bodycon dresses at the town’s most happening parties or the prima donna who commands attention as soon as she enters the room loves to wear a perfume that oozes seductive feminity and exotic elegance. Fragrances with rosy & flowery top notes and woody, musky undertones best define the self-assured woman who is as graceful as she’s bold & confident. Wear this scent with a sensual saree & stilettos for your best friend’s sangeet or with an LBD and statement jewellery for a New Year’s Eve party!



All spiced up

The mature, suave men who carry themselves with dignity and poise prefer fragrances that are strong & bold, with spicy touches of masculinity. A heady mix of citrusy & woody tones in the top notes, zingy spicy middle notes, and musky base notes come together in perfumes that lend a hunky vibe to these charming gentlemen. Spray some on with a smart tuxedo suit perfect for the year-end cocktail parties, or wear some to those important board meetings to beat the Monday morning blues.



Sweet sensation

If you are one of those passionate women who’s full of enthusiasm, vigor & love for life; who believes in living the good life and dressing well for it; then you’ll love perfumes with warm & sweet notes that add a dash of invigorating opulence to your fascinating personality. You can flaunt eclectic outfits like maxi shirtdresses accessorized with quirky bags or chic sweatshirts paired with pleated skirts & metallic trainers, and finish the look with a generous dose of fragrances that boast of a woody top note and sweet & warm undertones.

CK One Gold

Juicy and fresh

All you dapper dudes out there can spruce up your winter style with fresh and dewy perfumes that add a charming vibe to your youthful demeanour. Flaunt your energetic personality by basking in the aroma of fresh, herby top notes that are followed closely by a hint of flowery base notes and warm, woody undertones. Pair these scents with cool, athleisure looks or casual t-shirt, denim & jacket outfit and spread the charm of your contagious enthusiastic personality wherever you go!


Razzle dazzle

Are you one of those bohemian souls who live a carefree life and romanticize everything about everything? Do you look at life with starry eyes? Then you need to embrace fresh and intoxicating fragrances that will dazzle everyone around you with their fruity zest and flowery softness. Go for lively aromas that have a sweet, fruity top notes, subtle floral heart notes and intense base notes. These perky perfumes will perfectly complement your boho outfits of flowy dresses & wedges or peasant blouses paired with denims & boots.

So, pick your signature scent and let your fragrance do all the talking as you step out in style this season! The right perfume will complement the essence of the look and envelope you in an aura of its intoxicating incense, making your presence known wherever you go!






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