Jackets are no doubt one of the most essential items in the winter wardrobe both for men and women. But the thing with jackets is that you can’t just stop at one, because each is perfect for a different occasion. For example, you won’t be able to wear a leather or studded jacket to an office party or say a formal blazer to a music festival. So you need various fashionable ones for different events and that’s why trendy jackets become absolute must-haves on the winter shopping list. If men think they don’t need different styles of jackets in their winter wardrobe, then it’s time to think again!

jackets trends for men AW 16

Luxurious leather

Leather jackets are a key piece for every guy’s wardrobe as this bold and exciting clothing has stood the test of time excellently. It’s essentially a fashion staple that has evolved into a cult classic. You can go for a very smart layered look which consists of a collared shirt, a vest sweater over that and on the very top is your favorite leather jacket. Team it with a pair of cuffed chinos and lastly a pair of lace up trainers to make you all ready for an evening of drinks and friends.


Bold bombers

Bomber jackets have had a rich history in men’s fashion and it just got better with time. If you are contemplating about sporting this style of jacket this season, let us tell you it is going to be a total 10/10 look. Sporting too many layers under a bomber is a big no-no though because it will make you look too bulky. Just pair up a tan bomber jacket with a white graphic tee shirt underneath and a pair of cargo pants on the bottom. Complete the look with tan boots and you are all set for a happening weekend gig.

denim jacket for men

Dashing denim

Denim jackets are great and versatile pieces of clothing that every dapper dude has in his wardrobe, and wearing them right will add a rugged and tough essence to your fall-winter looks. Go for different washes if you are open to experimenting or funk up your denim jacket with patches and badges for a quirky cool vibe. You can layer a comfy cable knit jumper under a denim jacket to combine urban with classic. Pair it with a dark colored trouser and casual printed sneakers to be lunch-date-ready in a jiffy!

parka jackets for men

Perfect parka

Parkas are the most reliable when it comes to bad weather and whether it’s a colorful, boxy one or a classic slim design, there’s one for all. The relaxed shape of a Parka allows the wearer to layer. You can even sport a quilted parka that adds some texture to the outfit.  Just pair your parka with a striped jumper, some colored chinos and a pair of brown doc martens for a stylish yet casual look. You can also flaunt a fur collared parka with dark-hued jumpers and denims for a chilly winter evening out with friends.

So, the season of jackets is here and all the men out there have the perfect opportunity to take their outfits notches higher and leave their mark on the fashion timeline with these trendy winter essentials.








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