How often have you stumbled into office in your grubbiest sweatshirt or a faded pair of denims just to be greeted with a calendar request for an important client meeting? Many of us have those lazy days, some more often than not, when we get to work wearing our favourite ‘out of bed’ look.
We put our heads together and prepared a cheat sheet that will prep you for any occasion or encounter.
Here are a couple of must haves for your office closet or drawer that will save every unexpected day.

1. The All Essential Blazer – Keep a lightweight blazer or a well-stitched formal jacket which will add a professional edge to any outfit and totally revamp your look. Stick to colours like black, navy blue and grey as these will suit every ensemble and occasion.

2. Shoes that Save the Day – A good pair of shoes makes a lasting impression so always keep one in handy. For women a pair of kitten heels or comfortable pumps in neutral shades work best; while for men a smart pair of loafers comes to the rescue every time.

3. The Don Draper-esque Tie – Mad Men iconic fashion inspirations never fail. Make sure you have that one versatile tie that adds a dash of panache to any attire and makes you look like you mean business.

4. Statement Jewellery – We all know the best way for a girl to make an impression is to wear great jewellery. When it comes to work opt for subtle pieces – necklaces, rings and studs. But this needn’t mean that your baubles have to be boring – there are several interesting shapes and designs in stores that will make you stand out.

5. The Notebook – An essential accessory for any meeting is the all important notebook. Whether you are actually jotting down notes or not, a sleek and smart one will always add a few brownie points to your look.

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