The uber stylish Farhan Akthar is lauded for his innate sense of style and panache and before we step into winter, here are some of the man’s style mantras that should be filtering into your wardrobe any time now.


Sharpen your style with these tips and whether you are headed to an all important office meeting or a dinner date, you are sure to be the most stylish man in the room.

  • The Suit: When it comes to style, a well-tailored suit adds oodles of confidence to your stride. This season, tone down your colour palette to pastels to stand out from the sea of navy blue and black attire. A light grey suit with a lilac button down shirt radiates class. Formal patent leather shoes with a matching belt will complete this look.
  • Go Green: By far, the most popular colour of the season seems to be green and what better way to flaunt this colour than in woollens. In its various shades – emerald, forest, bottle, military and mint green, the colour is versatile enough to compliment any ensemble. Match your green sweater with a pair of well-cut trousers or a pair of dark denims to create a stylish yet casual vibe.
  • Layer Up: With the nippy winter weather often playing truant, the best way to keep warm is by layering up, and why not do it in style. Slip on a sleeveless sweater under your suit with a hint of our tie peeking out. For this look, you can even stick to different shades of a single colour.
  • Keep it Casual: Along with style, functionality and comfort is paramount. This season fashion takes a turn by endorsing baggy trousers and jackets. Pair your trousers with a fitted shirt or t-shirt and you have the perfect look for a casual day out under the winter sun.

Style Tip: Treat yourself to a luxury accessory this season. Whether it is a swanky watch, a designer tie or even a pair of priceless cufflinks… this piece will stand you in good stead for the months ahead.

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