If you’re a Sagittarius, your month’s coming up (November 22 – December 21). We know that you’re humorous with a penchant for pranks and fun. You like things that are classic with an edge, and yet comfort is your sole priority in fashion.

You love to wear styles that need no extra fuss or added glamour, but does its work on its own! And we have the perfect wardrobe essentials for you!

That one olive t-shirt

Olive is the best neutral shade, as it’s out of the monochrome zone, yet so chic and classy. A full-sleeved tee might just be your favorite and you’d love to wear it with shorts, skirts, jeans and pants! It’s perfect.


The White jeans

Normal blue is slightly boring and a pop of color in jeans is way too much, so we opt for the classic white. It’s perfect for the chilly weather and goes well with any cute top or sweater and works well for an everyday workwear as well.

That must-have plaid shirt

Checks are in and a checkered shirt for your casual days, or tucked in to your work is a necessity. Plaids are winter prints anyway and they’re so classy, yet rugged, yet feminine, that you can’t not have them!

THE Coat

There’s always one coat that you wear through winters and becomes your staple outdoor garment. This is the one thing you’re seen wearing in every picture, every event, every day. So make it a pop of color or just a pop of extra style, so everyday does not become monotonous ever!

Have a great month Sagittarius, with lots of outdoorsy days, lots of comedy and classy, unfussy and fabulous fashion!

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