If you’re jumping on the bandwagon of home workouts, these wardrobe essentials will get you through all your routines, whatever your favourite moves are!

Leggings for high comfort

You can never have too many workout leggings, but one pair of tights is a must-have! Not only does it keep you warm on the colder days, it keeps you comfortable throughout your workout. The bonus is that they smoothen and sculpt your legs for a killer look!

The right pair of workout shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes is the key to a good workout! Find a pair that is not too loose or not too tight and look for a mix of cushioning, stability and support. This will protect your feet and make your routine safe and effective!

Performance shorts that work best

Just like the right playlist to make you push harder, the right pair of shorts will inspire you to do the same. The shorts you want are those that aren’t too baggy or too tight. They should fit snugly and let you move your body with no restrictions!

High-impact sports bra

Apart from the sexy fashion statement sports bras make, there are many reasons you should wear one while exercising. They provide support, can prevent injury to the delicate tissues and reduce discomfort while doing high intensity exercise.

Multifunctional tees for exercise

Multifunctional tees or tank tops are a great option to keep cool while you’re sweating it out and they will free up your arms for proper movement. If your tank top is too long, just knot it up on side to free up your hips to move too.

Don’t wear sports shoes without socks

Another basic to have in your wardrobe, socks just add to the comfort of your shoes and provide odour control while exercising by absorbing any excess sweat.

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