Summer is here again and in spite of the scorching tropical heat, it gives you the privileges of flaunting pretty summer dresses and sinking your teeth into the juicy seasonal fruits. But, unfortunately, summer is not the best season for your skin and taking care of it must be your top priority right now. The heat of the weather can not only tan your skin but also make it dull and rough. So, along with that SPF-enriched sun screen lotion and a good, light moisturizer; you also need to incorporate some nutritional food items in your diet in order to sport a naturally-glowing, beautiful skin even on the hottest of summer days!


Watermelon wonders

Yes, one of your favorite things of summer – the watermelon – is also capable of protecting your skin from the harsh heat. Its 90% water content helps to hydrate the body and keep the skin supple. Apart from that, it is full of Vitamin C that promotes collagen production in the skin cells and prevents skin ageing. There! Now you have yet another reason to eat as much watermelon as you want to during these hot summer months!


Seafood to the rescue

Indulge in all kinds of fish and seafood during summer if you want your skin to look dewy and plump. The omega-3 fatty acids found in these are known to slow down the ageing process of skin like wrinkling and also keep away acne. These acids play a major role in regulating the oil production of the skin as Linoleic acid is the skin’s natural oil barrier. So, if you want oil-free and fresh looking skin this summer, make sure to indulge in some sumptuous seafood.


Talk about tomatoes

Tomatoes are considered to be one of the most effective foods that protect your skin cells. They contain Lycopene which helps to shield your skin from the harmful UV rays during excessive sun exposure. It also fights off fine lines, wrinkles as well as induces collagen production and cures sunburn. Eating any tomato based food or tomato juice or sauce will help clear off acne too! So, it’s time to bring on the tomatoes!


Care for some coconut water?

This summer, instead of going for all those sugary energy drinks and artificial beverages, go healthy & natural. Coconut water not only cools & rejuvenates your body, it has also got its own share of electrolytes that can gift you youthful and hydrated skin. It contains a high dose of potassium ions that are known for pumping your blood circulation and making more nutrients & oxygen available to the skin. So the next time you feel like drinking a cola, get a fresh glass of coconut water instead!


Berry berry good

Dark-colored berries like blackberries, cherries, strawberries, raspberries and blue berries are not only delicious, but also loaded with antioxidants that battle against the blemishes on your skin. They protect the skin from all the damage induced by a strong sun. People having acne have lower levels of antioxidants in their blood, so berries are undoubtedly their blessings in disguise. Hence, buckle up and gorge on some yummy berries this summer!


 Fun with fennel

We all love fennel seeds as after-meal refreshers. But, did you know that fennel seeds have two unavoidable reasons to be included in your diet – namely its antioxidant and detoxifying properties? They also tone the skin and keep it moisturized and supple. And if that wasn’t enough, these unassuming little seeds also improve the blood circulation, giving your skin a natural glow.

So, along with updating your summer wardrobe, don’t forget to make the necessary changes to your diet to flaunt the perfect skin with that perfect dress. And of course, don’t forget to follow skincare’s golden rule of drinking lots and lots of water during the hot & humid months!


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