Well, say hello to that time of the year, when hot tea becomes a little less favourable and lemonade takes the top position on your list of favourite beverages. Umbrellas are taken out of the cupboard to give company to your sunscreen, because, along with everything else, summer poses a lot of problems for your skin. They make your skin oily, patchy, and breakouts of pimples, rashes and the acne won’t just go away! But no worries, as we are here with useful skincare tips and tricks which will help you tackle the heat.

Sunscreen is Love

Sunscreen is the most important product that you should have in your beauty bag right now. Exposure to sun and its harmful UV rays could damage your skin considerably, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Extreme exposure could also lead to dark spots, so make sure whenever you are planning to leave your house, a generous dollop of a good sunscreen lotion – preferably with SPF over 30 – is a must!

A boost of Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to maintain healthy collagen which is the supportive tissue of your skin. This helps to keep your skin healthy and strong. So, you should definitely load up on foods like oranges, gooseberries, grapefruits, tomatoes, and even green leafy vegetables to make sure your skin loads of Vitamin C this season!

Don’t forget to Exfoliate

It’s very important that you remove dead skin cells which damage your skin texture and impart an uneven skin tone. Take the help of natural ingredients like coffee, yogurt, baking soda, sugar etc. or go for good scrubs from popular beauty brands to soothe your skin and get rid of the dead cells, at least twice a week.

Stay hydrated

Now, though this tip comes in handy all throughout the year, summers are the time when water becomes your best-est friend in life. You should always have a water bottle around you as you remember to take a long sip at least every 30 minutes. Water will keep you hydrated from inside, help to keep your skin fresh and healthy and help to wash out a lot of toxins. 8 to 10 glasses of water is highly required during dry, hot summers.

Minimal make-up

Yes, its summer and you need to let your skin breathe. Too many layers of makeup shall make your pores clogged and skin un-breathable. Make sure to use a light, matte foundation, or even just some tinted BB or CC cream, and top it off with a compact that preferably contains SPF. You should always protect your lips and keep them supple using a lip balm that has SPF in it.

Moisturizing is a must

Along with keeping your body hydrated within by drinking ample of water, you should keep your skin hydrated from outside using refreshing summery, body lotions. It’s time to pack away those thick, dense winter lotions while you opt for lighter, water-based or gel-based moisturizers. Look for something that absorbs into your skin quite fast and make sure you apply right after a cooling shower and also before going to sleep at night.

This summer, follow these easy tips for soft, supple and flawless skin. Head over to Lifestyle and stock up on the moisturizers, sunscreen lotions, light foundations and night creams that’ll help you take care of your skin in this harsh weather. Slay the rising temperatures in style, and flaunt the most healthy, refreshing, summer-ready skin ever!

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