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We all love the crisp coolness & holiday cheer of winter, but let’s face it; it comes with the dread of dry skin, itchiness, irritation, and flaky lips. So, in spite of the lure of Christmas gifts & New Year’s parties, winters aren’t exactly your skin’s best friend. Not to worry, as you can combat these evils with some effective and easy cold weather beauty hacks that you can incorporate in your skincare routine, and enjoy winter at its best!

  • Exfoliating your lips is one of the most important skincare tips that you need to follow during the winters. Before you end up applying your dark Fall lip colors to dry chapped lips, you better add a good lip scrub to your routine. Usually face scrubs can double up as lip scrubs, or you can even DIY some with home ingredients. Exfoliation, followed by the use of a good lip balm, will help to keep your lips smooth and the lipstick to stay on longer.
  • Sometimes your regular moisturizer won’t just make the cut and your skin continues to feel oh-so-dry. So, after washing off your face with a gentle cleaner, swap your regular moisturizer for a water-based one instead. This will offer the much needed hydration and boost of moisture to the skin.
  • Seasonal dry skin is best cured by layering on skin products. Applying multiple hydrating products such as starting off with a hydrating face serum then a moisturizer or night cream will provide the much needed hydration your skin is craving.
  • It’s not just your face but also your hands that are prone to dryness during the winters. So, stocking up on hand creams is a must! Stash one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, one in your tote bag and trust us, your hands will be thanking you for the much-needed care all through the season.
  • Using the moisturizer at the right time is the key to ensuring that your skin benefits from it. After you have showered or washed your face with a face wash, pat your face softly with a towel and then apply the moisturizer on damp skin. Wet skin is the best time to receive hydration and lock in the moisture. Also, make sure to use a good night cream or moisturizer in your before-bed beauty routine, for soft & supple skin in the morning!
  • The dry winter weather is infamous for making your face look dull and lifeless. This ensures the fact that you should switch over your regular foundation to a one with a luminous finish. This will go on smooth, and add the much-needed glow all day long. It will effectively battle out the effects of wintry dry air both indoors and outdoors, leaving you looking fresh & glowing!

These easy changes to your skincare routine can keep your skin looking smooth, supple, and healthy all winter long. So, no more dreading the harsh effects of winter on your skin – it’s time to step out without a worry and enjoy the season to the fullest!

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