With Halloween just around the corner, our in-house masters have been hard at research so that they could come up with these grotesquelyorgeous make-up hacks to get your resting witch face on point!

Bloodied lips

We had to start with a classic that never goes out of style, and nothing captures the spirit of Halloween like red lips oozing fake blood from the sides.


How to get the look-

Choose a deep red lipstick, like this matte option from Lakme. Apply on your lips and complete the look with a dollop of clear lip gloss. For the added effect of bloody drips, shave off some of the lipstick and mix it well with some creamy, dark eye liner, and lip gloss until you get a liquid paste. Pour a small amount of the paste along one corner of the lips; touch up with gloss once it dries.

Bonus tip– Use a make-up brush and splatter across your cheeks for an American Psycho-ish upshot!

Smokey cobwebs

If you’re wondering about a look that combines smokey eyes and painted cobwebs-then we’d like to assure you that it’s all a bunch of hocus pocus! This is how you weave your magic with a wave of that eyeliner.


How to get the look-

Start with the eyeliner outlining your eyes to intensify the look, and then move on to apply the eye shadow over the lids, gently blending in the hues as you move up the crease. Now apply the shadow on the waterline, blending outwards. Enhance the look with mascara. Now, to ace the cob-webbed look, use the eye liner to draw the cobwebs around the eyes, extending to the temples. You can give it a 3D effect by shading between the web lines with eye shadow. Dust some glitter over the web to finish the look.


Image Source: www.fashionisers.com

Bonus tip– Make your eyes the objects of focus by swapping the dark eye shadow with bright hues like purple or electric blue.

Magnificently Maleficent

The first time we saw Angelina Jolie stepping out of the woods in all her angled cheek-boned glory, we knew it would instantly turn into Halloween goals for decades to come! Now here’s the how-to.


How to get the look-

Be warned, this extreme contouring is going to require the summoning of the powers of all the Halloween spirits to master. On a serious note, while it may seem like a tough trick to pull off, it isn’t an impossible one. After applying the foundation, blend in a lighter shade to outline the chin, nose, cheekbones, and brows. Apply brown colour on the forehead, outside the nose, cheekbones, and the jaw-line. Now watch those angled cheekbones form as you blend them in. You can also add white eye-shadow over the highlights to get a glowy effect.

Bonus tip– Twist in your space buns to turn them into horns and complete the look.

Whether you decide to keep your look subtle or go all out bonkers this Halloween, get all your make-up essentials from the latest collection from a range of brands available at Lifestyle, in store and online. Stay woke and download the Lifestyle App to skip the queue this festive season!

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