Brogues are undoubtedly a staple of the men’s wardrobe and are called so because of the unique punched in pattern that runs along the edges of the shoes known as ‘broguing’. Brogues are a classic example of items that are evergreen in men’s fashion. They are the perfect classy shoes for your office looks, as well as for those formal party looks. So, when you need to put your best foot forward for a post-office party, these suave brogues come to your fashion rescue!

mens brogues blackBlack be the one

One of the most classic and born-for-office look is the white shirt, black formal pants and black blazer combo. It’s perfect for office and becomes apt for an after party too as soon as you swap the boring work tie for a fun bow-tie to take the formal edge off the look. A simple, black quarter brogues is going to seamlessly make you feel at one with both the work ambience as well as the party vibes. So, the next time you have a party to run to after office, you now know how to turn your monochrome style into a fun party look!

mens brogues brownBold and brown

For a more semi-formal look, you can wear your brogues with a pair of chinos, a semi-formal shirt with a tie and a crew neck sweater tucked over it. This outfit shouts out smartness and chic at the same time. If you are in the mood for going for a chocolate brown pair of brogues, your belt has to be of that same brown shade to make you score brownie points with both your boss as well as with the ones you want to impress at the party. Just get rid of the sweater, ditch that tie and clip on a pair of suspenders to get into the party mode once you are done at work!

mens brogues tanTinge of tan  

To make your office outfit a bit more suitable for a party in the evening, you can substitute the staple white shirt with a not-so-predictable solid-hued turtleneck. Pairing a blazer with it will turn heads both at your office as well as the party. And to add cherry to the cake, a chic pair of tan leather brogues will make you stand tall. Grab eyeballs at the office all day with your smart formal look and just strap on a classy watch with a good old tan leather strap and add a quirky printed pocket square to the blazer to take it effortlessly from work to party!

mens brogues dark brownThe darker the better

The classic three piece suit consisting of matching blazer, trousers and a waistcoat can make any guy send out I-am-not-to-be-messed-around-with vibes which not only impresses your boss but also makes girls look up at you with attraction and awe. And if you heading to a formal cocktail party after work, then this suit serves just the right purpose! Ditch the blazer, scrunch up the sleeves of your shirt and loosen the tie as the party progresses for that suave, formal yet laid back look. Just see to it that you choose a smart, dark brown Longwing brogue with your suit to make a complete impact on anyone who so much as even looks at you!

So, now that you see how easy it is to take a work look straight to a party, rush to the nearest Lifestyle stores to get yourself a few dapper pairs of brogues and make an undeniably suave style statement at the next post-work party!






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