Admissions are done, books are bought, your wardrobes stocked and you are at the hallowed gates of college life, what is undoubtedly going to be the best and most fun years of your life. But how much fun you have will largely depend on the people you have along your journey, and here’s who you are most likely to encounter in the early days. Sift through and choose your company well.

The Jumping Jack.
You are most likely to be greeted by this ball of inexhaustible energy, we’re talking energy that’ll convince you that he/she is on springs and, at least, 10 Red Bulls. This person is and will be a part of everything.

The “Hand-up” Enthusiast
Whether called for or not, this person/s is ALWAYS participating, in every class, through questions, answers or comments, and, often, doubles as the know-it-all. Their air time exceeds that of the professor’s, and their hands never take break from being up.

The Geek, the pet, the snitch
Often the same person, it’s wise to be in their good books. Perks: They’ll share their always-up-to-date notes, give exclusive information and, if you rank considerably high up, save you from the wrath of their favourite teachers (read: all).

The “I’m too-lazy-to-pay” Person
The person who piggybacks and places orders from the warmth of their seats every time anyone’s headed for the canteen or cafeteria and consistently forgets that food doesn’t come free.

The Perfect 10
Good looking, polite and well dressed, this person is admired and liked by all. What do you know, he/she is also a good student, fun, outgoing and has a great sense of humour.

The Diva
Where there’s her, there’s drama. Period.

The Gossip Guru
Absolutely nothing escapes their ears and eyes. Lovelifes, catfights, if it’s happening, this person knows it.

Too Cool For Class
They spend more time outside class than inside and are often not recognized by classmates or professors. They are probably most regular just before exams, trying to sort out attendance issues.

The Party Animal
He/She is out partying more nights than not, and uses the class hours to catch up on sleep. They know the who’s who of the party world, and will be more than happy to give you the low down.

The Hidden Gem
The vanilla person, who doesn’t seem particularly interesting or anything out of the ordinary, but once you start to know him/her, you realise this book is not to be judged by the cover, and that this person may very well be your friend for life.

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