We here at Lifestyle love spiffy new gadgets and this year is looking epic in terms of cool tech toys. And this year seem like all our young adult fantasies are coming true.

Get ready to stop everything you’re doing while we take you through our top picks that we won’t necessarily have to rob a bank to buy:

1. Polaroid Zip
We would be lying if we said that we haven’t tried getting our hands on a Polaroid camera to show-off at a friend’s bachelor party or to generally increase our cool quotient.

In comes the Polaroid Zip, this shiny white hard-drive-sized device is an instant printer. Just connect with the Zip over Bluetooth, and hit print to get a 2×3 inch tiny picture in less than 10 seconds. The Zip paper is easily available and ridiculously easy to load, and the best part is that this neat little thing conveniently portable.


2. Misfit Swarovski Shine Series
With the surge of fitness trackers it’s no surprise that Swarovski has joined the league to give us a fitness jewellery collection. We know you’re probably thinking, “Say what now?”

The Shine series has three neat devices: A crystal pendant, a sleek wristband, and a crystal studded bracelet. Each device has the same functionalities as any other fitness tracker in the market, wherein it monitors your steps, sleep quality and duration, calories, and distance.

Do we really need a bigger incentive to get fit?


3. Petcube
Sometimes when you’re away from home and you think of your pet, don’t you just want to give them a call and talk about your day? Hey don’t call us crazy, only pet lovers would understand our first world problems.

With the Petcube you can not only check on your pets but you can also talk to them. While it might confuse the hell out of them to hear sounds from a box they will still love you. This device comes with HD video streaming, 2-way audio, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a cool app to help you navigate. And you don’t have to sell a limb to buy it either.

Every pet owner’s secret fantasy has finally come true. *happy tears*

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