You have an interview you have been looking forward to and you have written the most brilliant cover letter, drafted a well-worded resume, and prepared for any possible questions your prospective employer might throw at you.
Are you forgetting something? Your attire, maybe?

Your employer will judge you in the first few seconds based on your appearances when you enter the room. And the trick really is to find a balance between formal and relaxed. You don’t want to look too casual or too made-up.

Whether you’re a fresher or a seasoned professional moving jobs or higher up in your current company. Next time around give your trusty black blazer a skip and try these:

1. Khaki brown blazer
This piece is the under-dog of blazers. It isn’t too overwhelming yet it is formal. Pair this with midnight blue chinos, brown lace-up shoes, cream shirt and a leather strap watch. A look like this would work in any industry, from a media job to a corporate one.

2. Natty Navy Blue Blazer
Regardless of an impending interview, this blazer should be hanging in your closet. It’s versatility and cool factor is unmatched. Pair this with steel grey pants, black leather lace-up shoes, and a light blue and white striped shirt. Throw on a metal strap watch and take over the world!

Before you head out spritz on some mild perfume.

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