Taapsee Pannu is not only one of the most versatile & talented actresses in Bollywood right now, but she’s also the perfect epitome of the modern Indian woman – confident, stylish, bold and beautiful! This amazing lady is now the face of Melange, a contemporary ethnicwear brand by Lifestyle. Here’s what she has to say about this exciting association!

What inspired you to become the face of Melange?

Taapsee: Melange by Lifestyle as a brand represents the style sensibilities of modern Indian women by giving a contemporary twist to ethnic wear. I love how the brand offers bold and unconventional designs, prints and styles that seamlessly blend together to add a chic vibe.

What are your thoughts on the collaboration?

Taapsee: I am excited to be associated with Melange by Lifestyle. As a brand, Melange challenges the conventional and inspires one to rethink ethnic. The new collection has a chic vibe and is all about contemporary silhouettes, global trends fused with ethnic prints and motifs that resonate with my sense of style perfectly. Melange truly redefines the paradigm of ethnic wear with a range that appeals to strong, fierce Indian women with a point of view.

What is your personal style sensibility?

Taapsee: For me, style reflects your real personality – clothes and accessories should enhance that. I love to fuse Indian colours and patterns with silhouettes from western wear. My personal style is one that personifies independence, confidence and beauty with ease and comfort.

What is the perfect ethnic attire according to you?

Taapsee: Honestly, the concept of ‘the perfect attire’ is not set in stone for me as I love to experiment with my outfits. In my ethnic wear I love to go for some nice colours with a slight touch of the modern day and age as well. I like modern silhouettes, classy cuts and vibrant prints – it gives an interesting twist to ethnic wear!

How does your wardrobe reflect your personality?

Taapsee: Fun, colourful, comfortable and vibrant – that’s me and my wardrobe!

What do you think about the role of women today? How is this evolution reflected in their fashion?

Taapsee: The modern Indian woman is independent, confident, fearless and fashionable. Her sense of style is an expression of her dynamic and vibrant self.

What are your thoughts on the Spring-Summer collection from Melange?

Taapsee: Each piece in the collection is beautifully designed, and the colours, cuts and patterns are elegant and modern with a touch of ‘quirk’. What I love about the range is that it the perfect combination of ethnic elements with global trends and offers stylish looks for various occasions. Some of my personal favourites from the collection are floral prints in contemporary silhouettes and dress kurtas which are perfect for work. The collection is innovative and has many unique pieces which can be worn with equal ease.

Your style tip for the Melange women of today?

Taapsee: Always wear something that makes you feel good. Don’t try to be someone else, rethink ethnic, go bold and embrace fashion trends in your own unique way.

What is the one thing that moves Taapsee Pannu?

Taapsee: I like to travel a lot. It really helps you grow as a person. You get to see what is beyond your world.

As an actor, you’re constantly shooting and there’s a lot of make-up and harsh lights involved. What’s the secret to the quintessential ‘Taapsee glow’?

Taapsee: Apart from keeping yourself hydrated, you must be happy with what you are doing and the life you are living – because when you feel good from the inside, it reflects on the outside.


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