All you guys out there must be wracking your brains right now, trying to think of the perfect gift for your lady love to woo her with, on this Valentine’s Day! We know how difficult it can get to find that ideal gift for her that she’ll love as much as she loves you. This year, ditch those generic gifts of flowers & chocolates, and gift her something that complements her personality and nature, which will show how much thought you’ve put behind your gift of love. Still confused? Well, read on to find out what type of girl your loved one is and what gift would be ideal for her!


The classy lady

If your Lady Love is someone who oozes class & glamour, then you’ve got surely landed yourself a winner! She carries herself impeccably and doesn’t care about fancy trends or fashion fads. She is always the picture of poise and grace, so you can gift her something that’ll help maintain her classy image & persona. You can pick classic shades of lipsticks, like reds or maroons, for her that’ll perfectly complement her elegant outfits – be it at a formal party or on a date night!


The girl next door

Your girl might be one of those sweet lasses whom everybody adores. She is cute, bubbly and flaunts a charmingly fun personality. She loves chocolates, teddy bears and rom-coms. Of course, she’s gullible enough to like anything you get her, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put some thought into it. Gift her a pretty handbag that can serve as the perfect arm candy to her feminine ensembles and dainty looks.  She’ll surely think of you every time she takes it for an outing!


The desi diva

Is the special woman in your life someone who’s ‘shudh desi’ at heart? Does she dress up in ethnicwear and love all things Indian? If she prefers Butter Chicken over Cheesy Alfredo, and her playlist comprises of Bollywood hits rather than Beyoncé; then you’ve got a tradition-loving desi soul there. An elegant watch, preferably embellished with Swarovski or mother-of-pearl, will make for a perfect gift for your loved one, which will spruce up her beautiful ethnic outfits in an instant!


The adventure-lover

Is your girl the adventurous type? Does she love to go on treks or indulge in extreme sports like paragliding & deep-sea diving? Does her idea of a perfect date mean enrolling in a rock-climbing class together? If yes, then you’ve got a daring diva on your hands! She’s not one to be wooed with flowers or chocolates, and you need to put some thought into choosing the right gift for her. This year, you can gift her a stylish pair of sunglasses that’ll prove to be e perfect companion on those impromptu road trips or on her backpacking travels. They’ll not only look good on her but protect her pretty eyes from the strong sun too!

So, now you just have to figure out which type of personality your Lady Love boasts of and you know just what the ideal gift would be for her! So, make use of this weekend and go, pick up the perfect V-Day gift from your nearest Lifestyle store, and win your woman’s heart this year with your thoughtful choice!






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