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Summer is here and that means it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with the season’s new styles!!! It’s the season of colours and Lifestyle’s new Spring-Summer range of clothes & accessories are here with the season’s trendiest hues to colour up your closet. What’s more, you can win vouchers worth ₹2000 on shopping for ₹3000, and get a chance to wear the season’s coolest colours in the hotter months ahead!

  • Power Pink – With pink blossoms dotting the treetops, this is one of the most-loved colours this season. Wear a pop of bright fuchsia in the form of a dress on the next coffee date, or add it through your accessories in regular college outfits.
  • Marvelous Mauve – Mauves, lilacs and lavenders are perfect shades to pick for summer weddings or Sunday brunches. A flowy maxi dress in mauve can make you stand out in any crowd! Men can also sport mauve shirts to make a stylish impression at work.
  • Rose Gold – A touch of rose gold in the season’s trendy accessories will help you channel classy-chic this summer. Flaunt a rose gold watch with your business suit,or go for a pair of rose gold heels with your favourite LBD at the next Saturday night party!
  • Coral Chic – With Pantone declaring Living Coral as the Colour Of The Year 2019, this shade is going to be in the spotlight not only this season, but throughout the year! You can adorn the color though floral dresses or even a new lipstick for a lunch date. Men can go for Coral-hued polo tees with linen shorts during the summer holidays.
  • Yes To Yellow – What’s summer without a vibrant dose of yellows? From mango-hues, to sunshine shades, to moody mustards; this colour is a wardrobe-favorite with most people during summer. Women can pick printed yellow crop tops to pair with denim shorts, while mean can flaunt lemon yellow casual shirts with linen pants!
  • Ravishing Red – Red is never a bad idea. It’s important to always have some trendy red items in your wardrobe. This summer, you can dress up in red tees with blue denims or even go for touched of red in accessories like sling bags or sneakers!
  • Gorgeous Green – Green is in, and how! Mean, it’s time to sport those green checkered casual shirts or olive-coloured polo tees. Girls can opt for easy-breezy skirts or fun accessories in this trendy colour.
  • Bold Black – Black is an eternal favourite with today’s youth, so no wardrobe is complete without some black beauties. Guys can perpetually live in black tees, and formal shoes in black are must-haves for work. Women can’t do without their black dresses and of course, black bellies are closet essentials!
  • Playful Purple – Purple is a fun and eye-catching colour, and if worn right, it can make you stand out in the crowd! Purple tees are a refreshing change from the typical blues & blacks for men. Girls, go for pretty dresses or tops in purple for a stylish season ahead.
  • Iconic Nudes – Nudes and neutrals are an important part of every colour story. This summer, embrace nudes like beiges, creams and ivories to add a touch of class to your outfits. Kurtas in these shades look gorgeous for daytime occasions. Men can always sport nude-coloured shirts for Monday morning meetings or even out-of-town conferences.
  • Wonderful White – Whites maybe a tad bit difficult to maintain, but they are still universal fashion favourites. White shirts – either formal or casual – look dapper on men, while women look ethereal in white dresses! And of course, whites are perfectly light, comfy and refreshing for summers!
  • Breathtaking Blue – Men, it’s time to stock up on all kinds of blue denims – from pants to shirts & jackets! Girls can take their pick from denims too, along with dresses, skirts or even jumpsuits in true blue!
  • Perfect Pastels – No summer wardrobe can be perfect without a dose of pretty pastels. Pastels can lend a refreshing twist to any outfit – for both men & women. Patel pink or pastel yellow kurtas, paired with palazzos or straight pants can be an effortlessly-chic daytime look. Men can wear pastel blue or green pinstriped shirts at work for a trendy impression.

If you are missing any of these trending colours from your wardrobe this summer, then make sure to head over to Lifestyle and take your pick from the new Spring-Summer collections! Shop for ₹3000 or more, and get a chance to win vouchers worth ₹2000!!! Isn’t that the perfect excuse to go shopping for the trendiest colours of the season?

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