Paintbox Brights is becoming a universal favorite as women are fighting pastels with bolds on their makeup palette. There’s no other trend that awakens one’s soul than a splash of vibrant colors and this look is all about that. Ditch the monochromes and nude palette as the painbox-brights are waiting for you to take over this season. Just remember, keep the rest of the make-up au-natural and let the eyes do the talking!



Catty Eyes

Take any bright colored eye shadow be it an electric blue or hot pink or bright yellow and draw a perfect cat eye with the help of your eye brushes. Line the lower lash like with something neutral or low-key shimmery to balance off the eye-look. Use contrasting colors on the lips such as red with blue eyes or pink with yellow eyes if you want to turn heads at the next big weekend party!



Edgy and Colorful

All you need to do is pop on a bright eye shadow on the lids, make your usual winged eye with black liner but the surprise punch comes when you line the lower lash line with something bright too which complements the color on the lids. Finish off with a nude lipstick and let those pretty pupils be the talk of the town.



Rainbow Eyes

Whether it’s all 7 colors of the rainbow or different shades of the same color family, this look is all about layering multiple colors on the lids and blending out any harsh lines. Team up this look with contrasting but soft-hued lips for a day out during a beach vacation or a weekend at the resort!



Ombre Love

You can use two opposite shades of the same color bandwidth such as a dark magenta and a light pink or a dark indigo and sky blue, or you can pair complementing contrast colors for a fun look. Use the lighter color eye shadow on the inner half and the darker color on the outer half of the eye lid, and you’re all set for a fun Sunday brunch with friends!

Now you can stop drooling at images of these Paintbox Brights on Pinterest and start trying them out on yourself! Pair these up with outfits that can balance off the entire look and make the world your own runway!

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