Kurtas are undeniably versatile, comfortable, stylish and a wardrobe staple that every woman can swear by. Whether worn to work or a social gathering, a kurta carries an innate sense style which makes it effortlessly chic. Pair it with churidars, salwars, leggings, denims or even skirts – there are several looks you can notch up to fit different occasions.

However, it’s not always easy to find the right kurta and the best of us often struggle to find the ideal fit for our body type.  Wondering what different silhouettes, fabrics and styles are all about? We come to your rescue by doing the sartorial math and solving the style formula so that all you need to do is pluck it out of a rack from your favourite store.


The Pear-Shaped Woman

Your Shape – Narrow shoulders, slim arms with broad hips and thighs

What you should wear – Flaunt your lean upper body with fitted bodices that flare from waist down. The anarkali and the tunic style with embellished necklines that accentuate the best parts of your body look great. Stay away from figure hugging fabrics that cling to your hips and thighs making them seem wider. Embrace churidars and patialas that work best for your figure.

We Vote For – The Melange Women Peach-Coloured Printed Kurta; Price: 2899.00 &

The Melange Women Blue & White Block Printed Anarkali Kurta; Price: 2699.00





The Apple-Shaped Woman

Your Shape – A biggish upper torso with slim legs and hips

What you should wear – Free-flowing fabrics and A-line cuts with V necks to distract from the heavy upper torso. Cottons fabrics tend to fit your body well and dark hued kurtas lend a slimming effect. Pair your kurta with leggings or churidars to draw attention to you fabulous legs.

We Vote For – The Melange Women Multicoloured Printed Kaftan Top; Price: 899.00 &

The Melange Women Multicoloured Printed Kurta; Price: 599.00






The Hourglass-Shaped Woman

Your Shape – A narrow, well-defined waist that fits perfectly with a wide chest and wide hips
What you should wear – If you are blessed with an hourglass figure which we all covet, you probably don’t need to struggle too much with silhouettes and fabrics and are spoilt for choice. If you have it, show it off! Flaunt your figure with different cuts but stay away from baggy, loose clothes that hide your best assets. Wear fitting churidars and leggings that highlight your slim legs.

We Vote For – The Melange Women White & Blue Printed Kurta; Price: 799.00 &

The Melange Women Multicoloured Kalamkari Printed Kurta; Price: 899.00





The Athletic or Banana-Shaped Woman

Your Shape – Slim and straightish with minimal curves

What you should wear – Form flattering Kurtas with wide and deep necks and gentle flares that give you curves. Experiment with varied patterns as these can help your body look curvy. However, ensure that your kurta is neither too tight nor too loose as this will only magnify your body type. Pair your kurtas with slim churidars, skinny leggings or even voluminous patialas to complement your body.

We Vote For – The Melange Yellow Floral Printed Kurta; Price: 699.00 &

The Melange Women Multicoloured Kalamkari Printed Kurta; Price: 1099.00



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