With the international women’s day every year comes the day of celebrating womanhood but people who know better know how woman are supposed to be celebrated every day in various ways. Instead of all the odds that a woman faces in a patriarchal society, she is continuing her way forward and has come up as winners in every arena allowing nothing to stand in her way. But that’s about her career achievements; let’s pay an ode to how the women in every house whether it’s your mother, sister, wife/girlfriend, daughter or friend, fulfils all her responsibilities, takes care of the entire family and boldly faces all the stereotypes of the society.

Multitasker Mom

Now, every list on every woman’s day post ever just has to start with the greatest individuals on the face of this planet i.e. the mothers. They are our teachers, our guides, our best friends, pillars of support, our saviours, everything in short. She looks after all your needs and right from when you used to be in diapers, she has moulded you as an individual and made you the person you are today. Still till date, she is always there to support you in each of your endeavours and makes sure that smile on your face never fades. So, this woman’s day why not do something special or gift something amazing to your mother that will bring that big priceless smile on her face. Though no gift can be better than the gift of time, why not accompany it with a beautiful and classy saree for your mom or a worthy-for-your-mom piece of jewellery whether a simple pair of diamond solitaires or a gold pendant.

Better (actually, best!) Half

Now, have you ever wondered why wife rhymes with life?? Because after your mother who has given you your life, it’s your wife who actually enhances it! She’s there with you every step of the way and many a times sacrifices her hopes and dreams so that you are in the limelight always. Every wife/girlfriend ever gives it her all when she’s in a relationship and expects nothing but love in return. A wife not only leaves her own family and home for her husband but takes care of her new family and house as her own. So for someone who sacrifices such a lot, it’s nothing better that you actually make your wife/girlfriend feel special on this day and along with taking her out on a special woman’s day date, gift her something that she’s fond of be it a classy perfume or a nice designer watch.

Supportive Sister

Well, sisters are our first ever best friends and our ultimate saviours whether it’s some childhood crisis such as stealing chocolates from the fridge and getting caught by mom or it’s some crisis when we are adults ourselves. Fighting for the TV remote, being your partner in crime, trying to be mom’s favourite, and reminding each other who’s been brought home from the dustbin, our bond with our sisters is something that is as unique and unmatchable as snowflakes are. She’s always gonna be there for you no matter what and be the same supportive, loving and protective sister she’s always been. So, on this special occasion, why not make this special woman in your life the happiest by gifting a nice leather bag or a beautiful pair of shoes (coz no girl can have too many shoes or bags and your sister must be vouching for it too)

Dear Daughter

Daughters are the most valuable beings and we should be proud of our daughters supporting them in their dreams and hard work. They are gifts of God and will make us proud in whatever they do. They are not only the little princesses of their fathers but can also be grown up and scold their dads if her father isn’t taking care of himself properly. So, consider your daughters as your precious assets and witness how happy they can make you feel whether it’s by coming first in class or landing a brilliant job or for being respected all over for the person you have made her. So this women’s day, celebrate your daughter’s laughter, her dreams, her achievements and all that makes her your girl. Gift whatever makes her happy and you will see how that smile on her face makes you smile.

Friend Forever

Though this role of a woman comes at the last of this list, it doesn’t mean that they are anytime less significant than the other roles. She is there for you always whether it’s giving your proxy while you are out watching a movie with your girlfriend, or staying awake before exams to make notes for you or enlightening you about how a woman’s mind work, giving you tips on how to make it up to your girlfriend, being your wing woman, saving you from various situations and the list goes on. We hope you have realized by now how crucial and lucky you are to have a gal bestie in your life. So this woman’s day, take your girl buddy out for shopping and gift a pretty dress or a sexy pair of heels.

So, if males on earth weren’t blessed enough, we women are all about making them the centre of our universes and making sure they are always loved and taken care of. So this women’s day, the responsibility is yours men, to see to it that there’s a smile on each and every woman’s face and also make sure that smile stays even after the day is done and dusted with.


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