If you are one of those who think you can use the same beauty products throughout the year, then it’s high time you read this! As you change our wardrobe & clothes every season to suit the climate, so do you need to change your beauty essentials according to the season in order to give yourself the best beauty treatment at all times! The humid & muddy rainy season calls for some special beauty products to make sure you stay smudge-free & pretty always and so, here’s a list of the must-have beauty essentials that will see you through the monsoons!

Chambor waterproof eye pencil
Chambor Stay On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil – 295/-

Waterproof eye make-up

Nobody wants streaks of mascara or smudges of eyeliner on her face as she gets caught in sudden showers, right? So, waterproof make-up I a must this season, specially eye make-up such as kohls, eyeliner & mascara. Get your hands on a smudge-proof kohl liner for bold eyes even in the rains, and pick waterproof mascara to swipe on those lashes as you step out to brave the heavy shower in style!

Anti-frizz hair serum

We have all been victims of frizzy hair come monsoons. Most of you have hair that gets affected by the humidity in the air and goes all frizzy – some more, some less. It’s advisable to invest in an effective frizz-fighting hair serum this season so that when you step out of the house, your hair doesn’t look like a messy ball of frizz. Pick one that suits your hair texture and keeps your tresses smooth & shiny throughout the day and no day will be a ‘bad hair day’ for you!

Loreal lipstick
L’Oreal Rouge Caresses Lipstick – 550/-

Bright lip colors

Overcast cloudy skies and heavy rains paint the surroundings in dreary grey hues. So, brighten up your day with lipsticks in vibrant hues to add some color to the scene! Go for cheerful corals at work, hot pinks on a lunch date or bold reds at the Saturday night party and let your lips do all the talking. Make your pout so bright & beautiful that it glams up the gloomy monsoons in a jiffy!

A good cleanser

The rainy season brings with it a plethora of bacteria & germs in the air, water & muddy splashes. Hence, it’s very important to give your face a thorough cleansing every night before going to sleep. Opt for a good cleanser that cleans out your pores, removes the dirt & grime, along with your make-up and washes out the unseen pollutants from your skin. Follow it with a toning routine and your face will glow even in the pouring rains.

Now that you know each season calls for specific beauty products to work their magic on you in that particular climate, go update your beauty box and turn heads with your vibrant presence even in this gloomy weather!





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