A tattoo has long ceased to become a symbol of revolutionary attitude & a visible sign of punk-rock chic; and the inked lines on one’s body now stands for individuality, self-expression and style. People spend days, months and, sometimes, years to decide what text, design or motif they want to permanently flaunt one a part of their body; and what you choose goes on to become a representation of your thoughts & personality. So, whether you are a body art fanatic, or a one-timer inker, or even an apprehensive newbie; here are the year’s latest tattoo trends for you to inspire your next inking idea!

watercolor tattoo

Watercolor Tattoos

Gone are those days when tattoo designs were neatly inked within an outline and motifs came in well-defined forms. Watercolor tattoos break all rules and designs are created with colored ink that give a watercolour-like effect – no outlines, only organic color forms. The pigments are inked in such a way that the colors look like a light, brushed layer and not like the traditional intense tattoo ink. You can give this look to various kinds of designs – from florals and botanical tattoos, to abstract forms & symbolic patterns.


Undercut Tattoos

Not sure of committing to a permanent patch of ink on your body? Well, did you know you could use your hair to flaunt a tattoo style too? Undercut tattoos are all the rage right now and it’s not an inked tattoo, but a hair one! Find yourself a skilled hair stylist who can give you an undercut & use a razor to carve out your chosen tattoo design from the short strands of hair at the nape of your neck. This way, if you are bored of your tattoo pattern after a while, you can simply grow your hair back!


Double Exposure Tattoos

This new trend of surrealistic tattoo styles take tattoo art to a new level altogether! Inspired by double-exposure photography, these tattoos are like ink inceptions where one pattern is used to fill an outline of a larger motif. Think insects within a heart shape or a flower-filled bird or even a gorgeous landscape within a human outline. These beautiful tattoos require expert skill and out-of-the-box ideas, but one of these can be your statement accessory for life!

blackout tattoo

Blackout Tattoos

Get prepared to get shocked – people are now tattooing a part of their body in solid black and that’s a growing trend, as crazy as it may sound! Inspired by tribal styles, a blackout tattoo is a minimal design which covers a chosen part of your body in black ink, thus making it a popular option for covering up old tattoos that you might not want anymore. You can choose to have it done in any shape or form, as long as it the shape is filled with black. Caution: this one is not for the faint-hearted or commitment-phobic though!

So, go out there, find yourself a good tattoo artist and get inked! Do take care of checking the skincare & healthcare details before whichever type of tattoo you are indulging in; but once you are sure, just choose your ideal design and ink yourself up! After all, YOLO.




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