Who here loves to wrap themselves in warm cozy blankets and snuggle into comfort throughout winters? This winter trend is meant for you. It’ll not only make you feel warm and content in your clothes, but also make you look classy and gorgeous!

Knitwear co-ords are all we can talk about!

Skirts are our favourites. Get a solid knitwear skirt to go with a matching sweater on top and you are good to go! It’s perfect for workwear and casual wear alike! You can pair this look with boots or sneakers and a sling bag.

The other kind of co-ords that we love are sweaters with hoodies matched with jeggings or leggings. Even knitted joggers are fancy with sweaters. If woolen, then even better. It’s the cutest athleisure look there is and can take you from sporty to cozy in seconds.

Just match your colors and prints on top and bottom and you’re on point for this trend. You can also go polar contrasts. Try out new styles of skirts and joggers to go with sweaters. Maybe crop sweaters work better for you, or maybe oversized ones too!

Go comfy this winter! Knit on knit is the way to go.

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