Tap! Tap! Tap! Instagram and Facebook stories are all about the dissection of your favorite post in the smallest details. You love to see stories that basically have – a ‘story’ and we’re right with you!

So, for your Outfit of the Day, break down the perfect stories into what you’ll wear – your clothes, accessories, and even make-up, and draw your followers to your perfect look, one tap at a time!

First, every #OOTD needs an introduction, as dramatic as it gets. So, lay out your outfit in the perfect flat lay! Place everything on a bright background – white’s always classic. Light it right, with nothing looking too bright or the other way around. Add some panache, with extra glitter, accessories, maybe the perfume you’ll wear on the day. And click away.


Second, wear it all. Get ready to click that one picture that you’ll probably also post on your feed, and not just put up on stories. This is your entire outfit defined in one image. Your, look, your style, and even your expressions are the reflection of what you’re wearing.

The #OOTD story_1

Thirdly, take close-ups for your post image details. All of your accessories, your shoes and bag, your outfit details and the styling and make-up tid-bits can be exaggerated and focused on here. Keep 2-3 close up shots where you can tag the products and also caption the elements of your look that truly defines you!

The #OOTD story_1
(take close-ups of the shot – earrings, sunglasses, bag, shoes, belt)

Tap, tap, tap! 4 to 5 stories are all you need to break-down your personality of the day and slay! Good luck with your mini photoshoot!

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