There is a scent out there for everyone and when you find yours it can change your life. So if you want to be the man that people take a whiff off and say, “Damn, he smells good!” then pick one from our list that suits your style.

Picking a perfume for work and play are like picking clothes that suit your body, the scent that makes sense at work may not at a nightclub. A day perfume and a night perfume are a must but you could go as far as to assign certain fragrances for the workplace, your boy’s night outs, dates, and for regular day-to-day use.

We have created a list of our all-time favourites, so take a peek and see what you would like to add to your collection.

Cool Water Night Dive: From the iconic Davidoff. It is woody, aromatic, and marine, with a hint of musk. Get ready to feel sharp and fresh. This is a must-own and will also make for a generous gift.

Bottled Night: Hugo boss is perfect for a night about town. This super-sexy scent is a heady combination of lime leaves, sandalwood and nutmeg. It is exotic and lingers on long after you have left the room, perfect to make the ladies swoon, and maybe a few men too.

The One: Comes from the fashionable house of Dolce & Gabbana, an excellent perfume for amped sex appeal. This perfume can be enjoyed in a wide range of scents, some of the best picks are mandarin, aquatic, orange and atlas cedar. Its versatility is unbeatable.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense: Leathery, woody and peppery, this tweaked version of last year’s Gentleman Only fragrance is richer, sweeter and darker. With the addition of Tonka bean it has a soft, pipe tobacco undertone. This one is a complete manly-man perfume if you ask us. Perfect to go with your no-shave look.

Armani Code Ice: Woody, sensual and fresh, the latest fragrance fuses a trio of minty notes with spicy ginger, zingy lemon and notes of geranium, lavender and a raft of woods. The ingredients make for a scent that’s much fresher than Code and is as wearable at night as it is in the daytime.

Now, before you dab on one of our recommended picks, just keep a few things in mind.

A little is sexy and confident, too much and you come off as trying-too-hard, so easy there tiger and remember showering is done with water, not cologne


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