A man’s watch is the most important accessory he will need no matter which stage of his life he is at. Your watch becomes an indicator of your personality, aspiration, and status. That little piece says so much about you, so you need to strap on something that syncs with your personality.

Our hands are usually in constant motion while we are talking, eating, drinking, driving, and working, and pretty much any activity. They naturally become the focal point when we are in a group or even when surrounded by strangers. A quick way to test this is to notice someone when they are talking to you, your eyes will unconsciously move towards their nails and wrist. Our suggestion is not to waste your wrist!

How to choose watch to match your personality

Most of your communication is just your body language and hardly what you are saying, and for a man his watch does a lot of talking for him. So how do you choose a watch which is right for you? Just follow our lead.

1. If you are man of simple taste and have a minimal sense of style. Then go for a camel brown leather strap watch with a white and silver round dial and a simple face. This watch is no-fuss and reeks of class and dignity.

2. If you are an adventurer and are constantly travelling in your free time you need a sturdy durable watch. Go for a watch with a tough rubber strap, stainless steel case, and tough glare resistant glass with high water resistance. Don’t skim on the price for a watch like this, for someone like you it is an investment.

3. If you like to be stylish yet not over the top. Go for a chronograph watch with a very dark brown textured strap and a rose-gold dial. If you are not ready to try a rose-gold dial then go for a completely black metal watch with rose-gold detailing just on the face. Watches like these add project a sense of depth and innate style to your overall look and personality.

4. If you are someone who likes to pepper his looks with a little spunk. Then you need to look out for watched with unique face shapes. The focus here is to keep it classic with an edge of quirky. Go for a dark green textured leather strap with silver round face and possible a design of sorts on the face of watch, the strap here will balance the quirky face. Another option is go for a watch with a bright colored face like a cobalt blue, while the rest of the watch is black.

Your watch is seldom used as a time-keeper and more like a statement so start investing in good watches which you can even pass-down to future generations.

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