There are many of you who absolutely wait with bated breaths for the monsoon season to arrive, so that they can go on a holiday to enjoy the rains in some beautiful location. Their idea of a perfect getaway is set on a backdrop of heavy downpour and lush greenery. While for some, the showers plan a surprise arrival just when they are about to set out on their dream destination! Well, on whichever team you may be, this list of all the essentials you need to keep in mind while packing for a monsoon trip is all set to relieve you of your worries. So, relax, pack smart and enjoy your monsoon holiday!


The calling of the right clothes

Well, whatever the season may be, clothes are always the most crucial when packing for a trip. Monsoon indicates plenty of water and intense humidity, so better to prepare before than learn the hard way. You need to keep in mind that taking clothes that are not appropriate to wear in the monsoons is going to be pointless. Make sure to pack in shorts or capris as full length items like jeans and leggings are bound to get muddied and wet in the rains. Getting wet in the rains may be exciting, but walking around in soggy clothes isn’t. So ensure to carry around a light, thin and packable hooded rain jacket or a windcheater to keep you warm in the chilly, wet weather. Wearing light or synthetic clothes that will dry off easily is another prerequisite and wearing light colours or white in particular is a definite no-no during any monsoon getaway!


Beat the rains with these beauty must-haves

Another area of concern for all you ladies out there is your makeup woes during the rains. You don’t want to end up with a panda face, with mascara running down your cheeks, right? So make sure that whatever you use on your face including the eye shadows and blush-on are cream based. Ditch the foundation for a tinted moisturizer, the mascara definitely has to be waterproof and the lipstick of a good quality. Also don’t forget to carry anti-frizz hair products and dry shampoos for your hair as the humidity can make quite a mess of it. And just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean that the sun can’t shine bright enough to harm you. Strong UV rays can be powering through the clouds so make sure you always carry and use a sunblock with good SPF to avoid getting tanned or sunburnt.



Appropriate accessories for the season

You need to think, not twice, but four times before packing the right accessories for this trip. Wearing the right type of shoes during the rain is of prior importance as there’s always the danger of slipping and hurting yourself. Carry a hardy and dependable skid-proof pair of shoes that will help you all along your rainy soujourn. Wear suitable rubber shoes and flip flops and avoid canvas shoes or sneakers as they take a lot of time to dry off. Carrying a versatile travel bag which is water resistant, has plenty of zippered inner pockets, and is light & durable in nature is going to be your go-to on this trip.


Every essential you ever need

Of course, one of the most essential items to carry in your bag during a monsoon trip is a heavy-duty, good quality umbrella. The convenient folding ones are easy to carry around and also do not take up much space. Similarly, to protect your clothes and keep you relatively dry, a bright colored or quirky patterned raincoat is all you need to brighten up the otherwise gloomy weather. Carrying a small hand towel is necessary along with a small plastic pouch or case to put your devices like phone, tablet, camera, wallet and passport is a must do. Also, monsoons are synonymous with mosquitos so don’t forget to carry mosquito repellents with you if you don’t want to scratch yourself raw throughout your holiday!

Follow these packing tips, and you are all set to embark on your next monsoon trip without having to face all the disasters that can come when monsoon decides to give you a wet & muddy time!



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