The fashionistas of yesteryear looked up to glamorous fashion magazines and fashion shows to dictate the season’s trends. Today, however, designers are looking to the streets for inspiration as they design their new lines and haute couture. Now, while we cannot bring back the elegance and charm from these decades, we can certainly bring back the style – or at least some of it. On that note, take a trip down memory lane and revisit the fashion of yore, for some style-spiration!


1940 fashion street wear

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The 1940s – The decade of elegant brooches and clutches

If you thought modesty was boring, you clearly haven’t peeked into your grandma’s closet and realised the wealth of elegance that it holds! The movies from this era may have been in black and white, but the streets were as colourful and glitzy as ever, with men and women sporting ethnic drapes in varied styles. It was all in the details- brooches, dramatic accessories, and turbans, and boy did they rule the streets!

How to bring it back:


For Her: Pair this flared-hem tunic with dhoti pants for a look that’s a breezy ode to the 40’s.


For Him: add a dash of pizzazz to your everyday look with this patterned kurta paired with a cool-blue blazer.



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The 1950s- The decade of long gowns and prints

This era brought prints to the forefront, whether through versatile sarees or the emerging trend of gowns, dresses and formals in India. You could see ladies walking to their carriages in a plaid saree just as much as you could see one in a dress and a hat.

How to bring it back: 


For Her: Embrace your inner Madhubala by donning this belted midi dress accessorised with vintage style sunglasses.


For Him: Clean it up and keep it sharp with this shirt and suit from our collection.



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The 1960s – The decade of dramatic ensembles

Loud, has been the keyword for the sixties in India. From the empowering Sadhna Cut, to heavily kohl-lined eyes, this decade took drama from the theatres and put them on the streets. Bold colours and experimental cuts turned the streets into a live canvas of art. They sure raised the bar!

How to bring it back:


For Her: Keep the spirit of this decade alive in your ensemble with ruffles and the timeless polkas. Pair with dramatic makeup and earrings.


For Him: Embrace bold tones with this blazer over a solid T-shirt and chinos.



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The 1970s – The decade of dreamy hemlines

Women raised the heat on the streets in flowy midi dresses and flirty skirts. Turtleneck sweaters – one of those trends that you either hate or love- became a hit as well. The latter part of the decade also saw a period of ethnic revival, traditional techniques and textiles like ikat, bandhani, patola, and shisha, which were used in stoles, sarees, kurtis, and dresses as well as men’s garments.

How to bring it back:


For Her: For an edgy look, pair these shoes with a solid pleated midi skirt and loose shirt tucked in.


For Him: Play up straight-cut pants with a camouflage shirt over a solid tee.



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The 1980s – The decade of denim and mixed prints

You know the retro inspiration that most college fashion shows are styled around? Well, this is probably the decade that instigated it! Evergreen styles like contrasting patterns in bold colours, denim jumpsuits- as worn by Sanjay Dutt in Rocky- and bell bottoms swept the streets of India. And ever so often, this is the style that people turn to for that ‘throw-back’ look.

How to bring it back:


For Her: Pair this wrap top with your favourite pair of printed trousers or shorts.


For Him: Get ready to rock and roll like the rebels of the 80s by using this acid washed denim shirt with joggers for a classic double-denim look.


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