A trip to the hills is definitely one of the topmost things on anyone’s summer bucket list. The mountains, the cold air, the peace and serenity all have wondrous effects on the gypsy soul that wants to flee from all the hustle bustle of the city. Well, mountains also give a stylish girl the perfect opportunity to show her layering skills and strut around flaunting the season’s coolest trends. Read on to know about the suitcase essentials that you must not forget to pack on your next trip to the hills!

layering summer holiday fashion

For the love of layering

In the chilly weather, you need to take clothes that are going to keep you warm and cosy, without having to look all bundled up! Take leather jackets which when paired with ripped denims and ankle length boots do tend to keep the temperatures soaring. You can also take sleeveless dresses or shift dresses which you can layer with colourful capes and long shrugs during the days. In the chillier evenings, you can pair the capes with a light turtleneck and high waist pants for a chic layered look. You can also wear a denim jacket with a camisole tucked into a skater skirt and colourful stockings that’ll make sure your Facebook pictures look holiday-perfect!

holiday accessories backpack

Accessories game on point

Accessories like statement belts or colourful scarves add a pop of colour and quirk to any basic outfit. You can add a scarf around your neck with a basic long sleeved t-shirt and jeans for a day of hiking. Put on some cute printed ankle length socks to zing up your sneakers which are as comfy as they are stylish. Don’t forget to take a durable and spacious backpack to help you survive your hilly getaway. Also, to protect your eyes from the bright mountain sunlight, do pack in a pair of polarized sunglasses that’ll add some swag to those travel selfies!

holiday shoes athleisure

Shoes for the soul

A trip to the hills revolve around unannounced mountainside activities like hiking, climbing, long walks on steep roads etc. and you surely need the correct type of footwear to help you wade through them. It’s mandatory that the shoes you choose are comfortable and fully tried and tested to avoid having sore feet, shoe bites or blisters during the trip. Carry comfy pairs of sneakers, boots, trainers or running shoes that help you have a grip on the rocky paths on a holiday to the hills. Athleisure being a popular trend right now, these kinds of footwear will effortlessly complement all your holiday looks. But you can also pack a pair of sandals or heels to look gorgeous for that romantic dinner date with a picturesque hillside view!

holiday skincare

Skincare needs

A trip to the hills may take a toll on your skin and you need to be fully equipped to prevent that. The mountain weather may cause your skin to lose its moisture and lead to drying and cracking. It also is affected by the harsh sunlight. So your daily sunscreen is a must on the trip and needs to be applied whenever you step out of the hotel. Also pack along moisturizers and lip balms that are enriched with body butter, cocoa, milk and honey. These will protect your skin from all the damage and give you the required rosy tint on the cheeks. After all, only a healthy, glowing skin will look good with all those chic outfits you have planned, right?

With these must-pack essentials in your travel bag, you are all set to hit the hills for a peaceful getaway from the heat and humidity this summer. Check off all the items from this packing list and with a camera in hand to capture all of the trip’s beauty for time immemorial, you are now officially ready to respond to the call of the mountains!





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