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With the party season just round the corner, it’s time for all you girls out there to start planning the outfits in which you’ll hit the dance floors. But for your party look to be on point, there’s something important that needs your attention apart from the clothes and accessories. Yes, we are talking about makeup! The perfect make-up look is every girl’s dream to achieve, but very few can actually create a stunning make-up look and pull it off. Here’s a ravishing party look that’s easy to achieve, but gives stunning results, thus making sure that you shine the brightest on the dance floor!

Put your best face forward

Starting off, go for a good primer base and then apply a light-based foundation that doesn’t make you feel sweaty in the humid Indian weather. Even though it’s a party look, you need not go over the top with your contouring skills, and you can just opt for a faint application defining the cheekbones, jawlines and temples to create some depth. Highlight the cheekbones, as well as on the brow bones and arch of the brow, with an iridescent highlighter to give that much-required glow. Last but not the least, give those apples of the cheeks some rosy hues with a soft pink or peachy blush.

All about the eyes

Undoubtedly, the eyes are the centre of attraction on every face, making them the focus of your make-up look. This season, ditch the quintessential smoky eyes, and go for the bold, bright-hued look. Smudge the lower waterline with black kohl and go for wingtips with colored liners on the top. Choose shades like brilliant emerald or royal turquoise or even gold and silver to create a dramatic effect with your eyes. You can even do the ends of the wing with a darker colored eye pencil and the inner part with a brighter liquid eyeliner to create a glam ombre look. Pump up the lashes with a generous dose of mascara and your ‘electric’ eyes are ready for the night.

Show them lips some love

No makeup look is complete without dressing the lips up and that’s where most of the magic happens. If you want, you can just apply some colored lip balm with a pink tint to give your lips a fuller look. This gives the lips a clean and light look as well as keeps them moisturised in the dry winter weather. Or you can opt for a shimmery light pink or nude gloss on the lips to go for an au-natural look on the lips. If you aren’t a lip balm or lip gloss kind of girl, then choose a soft, satin lipstick but make sure it’s a subtle, muted shade. A peach-ish or a pinkish nude that matches the blush on your cheeks works well as it will not clash with the bold eyes, letting all the elements on the face come together effortlessly.

Highlight your strong facial features and nail the look like a pro. Be party-ready in this trending make-up look and turn heads in style at the season’s most happening celebrations!




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