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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then lipsticks are no less than their soul mates. No fashionable woman can deny their love for lipsticks and undoubtedly, there’s a shade out there for everyone. Whenever you are having a bad day, or wearing a boring outfit, a lipstick is all that you need to spruce up your mood or attire. Whether matte, velvety, liquid or metallic – whatever be your favorite – your lipstick collection can speak volumes about your personality. So, this World Lipstick Day i.e. on the 29th of July, why not indulge in the-only-perfect-thing-in-this-entire-world to add a bit of color in your as well as others’ lives with some trendy lip shades? Head over to Lifestyle stores or website to choose from over 1000 lip colors and let your pout do all the talking!

Matte Magic

Matte lipsticks took the makeup world by a storm when they first came out and the hype surely isn’t going to die down anytime soon. It’s not rocket science as to why it’s such a rage, as coupled with features such as long lasting, transfer-proof, lush pigments, non-sticky, these lipsticks are everything what a woman ever wished for. These are invented to make all your nightmares of stained clothes, straws and cups vanish and it’s the start of a new lipstick era. Whether it’s an intense red to accompany you on your date nights or a mauve-y nude perfect for Monday morning meetings or a bubble gum pink to add color to your daily life, matte lipsticks are easy and comfortable to wear on your pucker. And if you are a lover of rich red matte hues, then Lifestyle has over 150 shades of red for you to pick from! Go, see it to believe it!

Liquid Love

Liquid Lipsticks are even one step ahead, as they changed the whole way we look at lip’sticks’. Whether it’s a matte formula that dries in just 10 seconds or it’s a slightly suede-y or velvety formula, liquid lippies are the ones to go for if you want your lips to stay perfectly glam and last through meals even after eating a burger (lipstick lovers know how big a deal that is). The application is super convenient with the use of a wand, and it can line your cupid’s bow perfectly even without a liner. So, this season, go out of your comfort zone to try out dark wine and berry shades, pop pink and orange hues and obviously classic reds and nudes in liquid formulas. Lifestyle offers over 75 shades of orange, so head over and pick up that tangerine liquid lip color you had been dreaming about!

Scream for Cream

Cream lipsticks are the complete opposite of matte ones in the case of formula, look, features etc. These are more hydrating and keep the lips moist and creamy. These are relatively more prone to frequent touch-ups but as said, they are not at all drying on the lips and the women who are cream or velvet-y lipstick loyalists, will never settle with matte even for all the lipsticks in the world! So, whether its dark maroon for a party or a brownish-nude for office, cream lipsticks are soft on the lips and are perfect for people who like to rub their lips together every now and then to get the supple, lip balm-y feeling. Fell in love with cream lipsticks all over again? Well no better way than heading to Lifestyle to shop your heart out – with more than 150 different shades of pink, you’ll be surely spoilt for choice!

Metallic Mania

Now, though metallic lipsticks are the newest in town and not everybody’s cup of tea, we do recommend all of you to at least give it a try once. If you can pull it off, then you will be the new head-turner wherever you go! These lipsticks leave a glittery or shimmery effect on the lips adding a dose of glam-chic to your ensemble. You can go for a metallic bronze shade or a ruby red one or a safer toned-down pink one, and believe me your lips will be the star of the look. These can either be in the liquid lipstick form or a timeless bullet form, but as long as you keep the rest of the outfit and makeup balanced and let your lips do all the talking, trust us, the compliments will pour in. You should definitely check out the Lifestyle website or stores as they have over 25 shades in the shimmery genre, and is a great starting place for you to join the metallic brigade!

With so many types, formulas, colors and textures available, you will surely have a tough time choosing your favorite. Just try out newer shades and formulas, and don’t shy away from investing in good quality, long-lasting lipsticks – who knows you might just end up finding your perfect one right at your nearest Lifestyle store! And with an amazing upto 50% off deal going on at Lifestyle, you can add to your lipstick collection without breaking your bank too!

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