Come winter and your skin really begins to take a beating. Just thinking about the dry, flaky skin and lack-luster complexion will make you want to flee to the nearest beach to escape the winters, and worship the true god that the sun is.

However, just like you change your wardrobe for the cold, your skin-care regimen probably needs a makeover to fight the effects of a harsh winter. Don’t you want your skin to have the warm supple glow of the summer instead of pale harshness of the winter? We know we don’t!

Now if you don’t have a regimen in place already, then look no further since we have put it all in order for you, it’s the only 7-step process you are going to need.

Brace yourselves, it’s going to get a bit technical to get your skin to shine with a healthy glow!

1. You’ve got to scrub-scrub-scrub to exfoliate

The reason our moisturizers and foundations are less effective in the cold is due to the rough texture the winters brings upon our face. A light micro-grain scrub is what the dry dead skin cells need. Apply the scrub by rubbing it in circles for 5 minutes all over your face, yes a full 5 minutes by the clock. Use the timer on your phone, for something.

2. Creamy face-wash

The moisture in our skin evaporates in the cold, causing dryness, itching, and red spots. The next step in the regimen is to change your face-wash. A citrus or neem face-wash are great for rest of year but in the winters switch to a cream-based face wash, to hydrate the skin. While you’re at it add a dash of whipped cream to your winter hot chocolate. Hey, you might as well.

3. Bring out the toner

A toner is magical. It locks the moisture in our skin, balances pH levels, and helps the moisturizer retain its hydration effect. Toners with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, or bamboo are good bets. Apply the toner by dousing a little onto a small cotton ball and patting it all over your face.

4. Let your cream put on a little winter weight

Retire your light moisturizer for a thick one, to prevent skin irritation, and loss of moisture. Opt for creams with ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, or water. Keep a jar handy in your bag at all times for when you are on the move, and catch those pesky white flakes covering your cheeks or nose.

Are we missing any time-tested tricks you know and love? Tell us in the comment section!

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