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The café trend has been here for quite a while but the popularity is at its peak right now, as the youth spend a major part of their time in these light-bight eateries. Innovative and creative cafés are on the bucket list of every person – specially those who love to flaunt new locations on their social media platforms! And to be honest, if someplace isn’t cute or Instagram worthy, we are not willing to visit it even if it has other USPs. So, nowadays cafés are becoming increasingly picturesque and coming up with new concepts and themes, making them perfect for hanging out with your BFFs and flaunting your cool style at the same time!

Board-game cafés

These cafés are as interesting and fun as they sound. They are perfect to chill at, on a rainy evening or a boring Sunday afternoon with your friends. These cafés will have a chilled out and pretty casual décor like bean bags and colourful floor mats to sit on. But the deal-clincher is that they offer you a wide range of board games to play with your friends! You can enjoy drool-worthy snacks and munchies while you are at it. Games like Ludo, Chinese checkers, carom, monopoly, scrabble etc. are perfect to laugh and fight over, making your friendship bonds stronger than ever. After all, we know, friends who play together stay together! So, put on that pretty, quirky printed playsuit or a pair of shorts and crop top, and you are all set for an evening of fun & games with friends!

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FAME FOREVER Striped Off-Shoulder Top

Rs.999 from LIFE STYLE

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Pet-friendly cafés

These are the dream places to visit for any pet lover in the world. These cafés have their own share of pets – the most common being dogs – with whom you can play around while enjoying good food & maybe a steaming cup of coffee. Visiting these cafés with your friends will make your experience a big hit as you will not only enjoy with your BFFs but also make some new furry friends. You can wear flared palazzo pants with tank tops or go for loose jumpsuits to play around comfortably. Also, whenever you feel low or lonely, you can just head to the nearest pet-friendly café to play with your new-found friends and who knows you may come across another friendly pet lover just like you.

Organic cafés

These café’s provide the healthiest food in town as well as making it impossible to eat something without Instagramming it first. You will find 100% organic as well as vegan food on the menu, thus making it a paradise for every vegan and health freak out there. Even if you aren’t an all-time healthy food lover, these cafés are so pretty that they are worth visiting once in a while with your besties. And in today’s world, organic doesn’t simply mean ‘greens’, so you can indulge in delicious yet guilt-free vegan lasagne, vegan cheese, chia seed pudding, organic chocolate, gluten free pasta, organic wine and a lot more. Put on a casual skater dress or an off shoulder top with a flared skirt for an organic Sunday brunch with your buddies.

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FAME FOREVER Acid Wash Five Pocket Jeans

Rs.1,899 from LIFE STYLE

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Co-working cafés

Blurring the lines between cafés and co-working spaces, these newly conceptualized cafés are on the ‘it’ list of every person who is lucky enough to have a work-from-home or creative job. These cafés provide a calm, inspiring, pretty yet undisturbed space to work from, as well as enjoy good food and as-many-as-you-like cups of coffee – the pay rate being per hour. Also, perfect for digital nomads and upcoming authors, these spots can give you the strongest inspiration needed. A godsend for people who have to work on weekends too, these pretty working spaces plus café combo is a must visit whenever you and your bestie have serious targets to achieve. So, the next time you have work to do, slip on a trendy boho blouse over a pair of slim-fit denims, grab your laptop and head over to work in ultra-comfy mode.

These cool new types of cafés are nothing short of a revolution on their own, making the café trend popular with the country’s youth. No day or weekend can be spent being bored when you have such interesting and pretty cafés popping up all over your city. So, dress up, look your best and get café hopping with your pals!

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