Long weekends call for impromptu road trips and fun times with near & dear ones. So, when there’s one just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for it! Are you someone who always tends to forget packing crucial items at the last minute? Have multiple stick-on notes everywhere you go? Your friends have named you ‘Ghajini’ for this? If the above lines best describe you and you are suddenly face to face with an upcoming weekend trip, and you have no time on hand to take things slow and steady then this post is going to be your ultimate life saver. We have brought to you few of the most important things that you just can’t miss to take on your long weekend trip ahead.

FameForever Men Bag - travel luggage

Travel essentials

First and the foremost, you need to sort out your travel luggage. If you are not planning on taking too many clothes then you can take a spacious back pack with your clothes, daily essentials & even your laptop. A makeup pouch is the next most important thing on the list that will keep all your makeup essentials in one place. This will not only keep you organized but you also will not have to scramble through every compartment in your handbag for that last minute touch-up before those crazy selfies. Having a toiletries pouch is also very crucial to store items like your tootbrush, toothpaste, a small tube of face wash, sanitizer etc.

TOMMY HILFIGER Cat Eye Sunglasses Women - travel shades

Shades are a must

Wherever you are planning to spend your long weekend in, a stylish pair of shades is a must to help you brave the sun as well as make you look chic in the pictures! If you have multiple favourite pairs and you are spoilt for choice, then you are allowed to carry as many as you want, but forgetting to take even one pair is a complete no-no. Be it aviators or wayfarers, Lennons or cat eyes, take your fav pair or buy something new for the trip. If confused, you can even find out which style suits your face type!

men's shoes - travel footwear

Best foot forward

To keep your feet and yourself happy throughout the weekend, you totally need comfortable shoes. Even though you absolutely adore that bright pink pair of pumps on the mannequin, you have to choose the classic comfy lace-ups for the weekend trip. These will not only provide stability for any outdoor walks or activity but also give you total comfort. You can also go for flip flops or sandals for a casual, laid-back vibe and flat-soled ankle boots for a stylish day out of sightseeing.

travel outfits - comfy clothes

Fashion first

A long weekend spent with friends or family means innumerable pictures & countless selfies. And you have to look fashionable in all of them! So, stocking up on nice clothes & accessories is a must before an impending long weekend. Hit the malls after checking out what’s trending for the season if you haven’t already. We all have heard of the saying ‘you feel good when you look good’ and you can do just that with the correct clothes. Plan your outfits beforehand and avoid taking unnecessary clothes. Create multiple outfits with clothes that are as versatile as stylish & add your own style touches through chic accessories, and you will surely be able to grab eyeballs upfront as well as through your weekend pictures.

travel tech - camera


In today’s digitized world, you can’t even think of going anywhere without your favourite gadgets. One of the most important things you just can’t leave your house without is your powerbank. It is going to be your saviour when your battery is dead and that happens way too fast when you are in the mood to click millions of selfies on a long weekend. When you want to save your phone’s battery for other activities, but you are also getting bored at the same time, your ipod playlist is going to come to your rescue. Do not forget to carry your earphones as they are indispensible. Also, if you are a shutterbug or have a budding interest in photography then now maybe the perfect time to buy a DSLR camera (if you don’t have one already) and inaugurate it by clicking amazing pictures on the trip.

Once you are equipped with all of these must-have essentials, there is no stopping you from having the most amazing long weekend ever! So, start planning and get your hands on these now by visiting your nearest Lifestyle store or going to our website. Happy shopping!




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