Come Summer, we all take out the brightest and fun-nest lip colors to complement our summery outfits! It’s the season of pop hues like oranges, pinks, corals and peaches; but all you fashionable women out there must be having your personal favorites too! Did you know that your favorite color or hue can say a lot of your personality & style? So, get out those pop lip colors this season and see what your favorite one says about you!

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Pretty Pink

Peppy pink hues are for the enthusiastic and cheerful lot out there. If you adore your fuchsias, bubblegum pinks, or hot pink lip colors; then you are happy to embrace your fun & fearless side! You are never afraid of saying “yes” to all new things in life – new adventures, new hobbies, new people, new experiences and even new shoes on Netflix! You accomplish all your tasks with excitement and dedication. So, flaunt your pretty pinks with all your summery dresses for brunch or that upcoming holiday!

Orange Overdose

Love all shades of orange, rust, flame or tangerine? These hues represent the warmth and cheer that emanate from your personality. Sporting a vibrant orange pout will show the world that you are fun, joyous and full of warmth & compassion. You can wear this shade with your skater dresses & slip-ons for a fun casual look, or with crop tops & culottes for a carefree vibe on coffee dates! Just make sure you choose a shade that complements your skin tone, and you’ll be ready for summer!

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Radiant Red

If you have always wished you were born in the 20s or 50s, just for the way gorgeous red lips were trending then; then you are a retro diva at heart. You are passionate and ambitious, and enjoy attention from others. You have a bold style statement which is a trend-setter, rather than follower, at times. Dress your outgoing & confident self in head-turning yet classy outfits like crisp white shirts & wide-legged pinstripe pants with diamond solitaires for work, or trendy bodycon dresses & sky-high heels for a party! Keep up the passion and set the world on fire with your fiery red choices!

Coral Chic

What’s summer without a stylish dose of coral & peach lip colors? If you are a lover of these soft, feminine shades; then you are one of the most sweet & kind souls around. .Your friends & family know that you always have their backs. Your heart is full of love & compassion, and that reflects in your sartorial choices! Wear pretty peach or coral lippies with floral peasant tops & mom jeans or easy-breezy maxi dresses this season. Choose from various shades such as soft peach, bright coral, nude-ish rose and pucker up in style!

Now that you know what your favorite lip colors says about you, flaunt them in full fashion this summer. Head over to Lifestyle for the trendiest pop colors this season and wear your personality on your lips!

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