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With a plethora of beauty & cosmetics brands flooding the market, and tons of YouTube make-up tutorials at your disposal, it’s very difficult to stand out in the crowd and embrace your own beauty. We are happy to say that your search for the ideal beauty products, that help you bring out your own inner persona, ends here! Lifestyle brings to you, BeYu – a premium color cosmetic brand from Germany, which aims to inspire you to embrace every aspect of yourself – while not compromising on quality or trends. Here’s why BeYu should be your top beauty pick this season!

Care for your skin

BeYu’s vast range of cosmetics are all dermatologically tested and approved by skincare experts, and are paraben free and fragrance free. So, even those of you with sensitive skin can flaunt their Paraben-free beauty products and deck up in style! What’s more, BeYu also doesn’t support or conduct animal testing of cosmetics. Hence, this is a completely guilt-free way of looking pretty, while also making sure that you don’t harm your skin in the process!

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Wide assortment of products

Since its inception in 1999, by cosmetics expert Helmut Baurecht, BeYu has launched hundreds of premium color cosmetic products for the trend-oriented, confident young woman! With a global presence of over 40 countries, this brand has over 500 products to choose from. Take your pick from an impressive variety of lips, face, nails or eye products and look your trendiest best this season!

Inspired by trends around the world

This German brand brings to you the season’s coolest cosmetics, inspired by latest trends from around the world! This is one cosmetics brand that’ll make sure you won’t miss out on any of the popular international make-up trends – which means you have all the tools of the trade at your disposal. Now, you can easily recreate even the most stunning red carpet looks effortlessly!

So, go ahead and experiment with all the looks that you ever wanted too! With BeYu products, you get all the trendy cosmetics you want, and don’t have to worry about damaging your skin! Head to your nearest Lifestyle store to get your hands on this amazing new beauty brand today!


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