Fashion, today, is an essential part of every girl’s life. But, so is the strive for reaching the high fashion & beauty standards dictated by the society, industry & social media. There are a gazillion fashion rules out there for women of every body type or complexion or personality, and every girl is expected to stick by those rules in order to be the perfect epitome of fashion & style to others. But, fashion should actually be an extension of your own style persona, and hence, should reflect your own choices, not those dictated by the authorities. Ginger – a cool fashion brand by Lifestyle – has always urged girls to break stereotypes, and now their new video urges girls to make their own fashion choices, irrespective of rules!

Be Your Own Fashion Police

It’s high time you stop letting the society judge your fashion choices. The Ginger Girl is the bold voice with a strong mind ready to rise above superficial discriminations or judgements that the society imposes on her. Who said skinny jeans are only for skinny women? Who said you can’t wear off-shoulders if you have broad shoulders? Stop following fashion rules blindly and just see what looks good on you! If you feel happy, stylish & comfortable in it, then go ahead and flaunt it in all its glory! You need not care about “what people will say” – dress up for yourself, not for others!

Be #ImperfectlyPerfect

Ginger’s new video is an impactful digital film that explores the unrealistic demands of fashion and perfection that the society places on young girls. Nobody is perfect, however much they try. Even the world’s greatest fashionistas are always not well turned-up, so why do you need to worry? Be #ImperfectlyPerfect in your own style choices, and flaunt your so-called ‘flaws’ in style! Show off those ‘thunder thighs’ in shorts & skirts, or bare that ‘muffin top’ middle in a cute crop top. Who cares if people stare? They will stare anyway, you have fun while you are at it!

The Real You

The #ImperfectlyPerfect video shows real, modern young girls in a powerful short film, voicing their stories of being judged because of their fashion choices that don’t meet the social standards or rules. The young girls featured in this film are real girls with distinct style personas, looking down upon petty societal judgments and urging other girls like them to spread their wings and fly. Your unique fashion sense makes you who you are, so stop being clones of models you see on social media, and start being the real you! Raise your voice against demanding social standards and restricting fashion rules. Be #ImperfectlyPerfect, be you!

Check out the impactful new video by Ginger, a fashion-forward clothing brand from Lifestyle and help spread the word amongst today’s girls about the importance of making your own fashion rules! Break the stereotypes, bend the rules, spread your wings and let the world watch you fly!

Ginger #ImperfectlyPerfect video

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