14th November is the birthday of the first Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who loved children & was loved back equally. In 1959, Chacha Nehru’s birthday was made into Children’s Day to celebrate his love & affection for kids. We have been celebrating Children’s Day since then, and it’s a day both kids & adults look forward to! This year, you can make this day special for your munchkins by planning something that they’ll love, enjoy and remember forever.

Take them to the orphanage

Your children are always pampered, loved & cared for. But there are loads of underprivileged kids out there who are not that lucky. This Children’s Day, take your kids on a visit to a nearby orphanage and help them spread some cheer & joy to these other little souls. They can donate old or new toys, or take food, drinks and other necessities like warm clothes or blankets for the orphans. It’ll not only make it a memorable day for the underprivileged kids, but also give your children a sense of pride, warmth & feel-good vibes, while teaching them the importance of sharing & caring.

Go on a field trip

We know how much all kids out there love the excitement of field trips. This Children’s Day, plan and organise a family field trip with your little ones – keeping in mind the kind of places they love to visit. You can take them hiking on a nearby hill, or camping in the woods for the night. Plan a visit to an organic farm or a bird sanctuary so that they learn new things while enjoying the day to the fullest! Make sure they are attired in trendy but comfortable clothes – tees, denims or cargo pants & light jackets for the boys and comfy jumpsuits or jumpers & sporty tights for the girls – to enjoy this special day out with their closest ones!

Surprise them with a workshop

If there is a hobby or passion that your child is already showing interest in, then this is a great opportunity to help them learn more about it! Find out a workshop or course that might be happening in your city on whatever you kid likes to do – be it baking or watercolors or clay modelling or even playing any musical instrument. Book a slot for your little one and surprise him or her with it as a gift on Children’s Day! Your munchkin will definitely be excited and happy to spend the day pursuing or learning about something he or she already loves. And who knows, you might just be giving them the first right push towards their future goals!

The best thing we can do this Children’s Day is to make sure that we contribute in our own little ways to keep this planet safe & healthy for our kids. The next best thing would be to make them happy by planning an exciting day for them! Buy them some trendy clothes & accessories from the super-cute kids section at Lifestyle, plan the day so that they enjoy spending it with you and let’s hope that all adults & children alike have a great Children’s Day ahead!


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