Toger Shroff for Forca by Lifestyle

Question: You are now the face of Forca by Lifestyle. What are your thoughts on this association?

Tiger: I am very very happy and excited about this association. Especially because I believe Forca is a brand that I can completely relate to. The clothing, its smart , its casual, its sporty. You can wear it anywhere and for a guy like me who is very adventurous and very outdoorsy and sporty you know its comes in handy because its clothing that makes me look presentable and at the same time allows me to move freely. It’s the whole package if you ask me.

Question: What do you feel about the Forca collection for this season?

Tiger: For this season, I think its brilliant, I have recently tried the clothes of this season and like I said its very smart casuals the denims are great the fabric is very light and very comfortable especially for the weather out here in Mumbai in India its very hot , so not only you look cool but you feel cool as well.

Question: People are in awe of your stunts. What is your most dangerous stunt you performed?

Tiger: I think jumping from a building to another building, ya, that was pretty scary

Question: What do you look for in your denims?

Tiger:  What do i look for in my denims hmmmm, pockets to keep stuff, my hands usually.

Question: What are your wardrobe essential for the summer?

Tiger: I don’t really have many clothes for the summer, I prefer you know very airy stuff I like ganjees , banyans, track pants, shorts stuff like that.

Question: You are a trained martial arts expert. Have you ever taken advantage of that skill off the screen?

Tiger: No really, never. Because the first thing they teach you in Martial arts is to not use it for, to attack anybody or anything its usually meant for self-defense. For me it’s more a form of exercise off screen .



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Pooja budhiraja

Thts wow. Completely agree. The new forca flex denims looks super flexible and comforty. So excited to shop after Tigers review

Pooja budhiraja

Superb review by Tiger Shroff. M so impressed. The fabric of new forca flex denims looks awesome n so comfortable n flexible