Bollywood star Tiger Shroff has wowed his fans all over the country with his suave moves and action stunts since the time he has entered the industry. This star kid shows his smooth action skills in all his movies and believes in staying fit and healthy in real life too! His passion for fitness leads him to indulge in various activities like dancing and martial arts, which is evident in his movies as well. To put a stylish edge to his fit lifestyle, Tiger has collaborated with Forca by Lifestyle, which is an ideal casualwear brand for this action star. Forca’s cool range of denims, tees & casual shirts take Tiger everywhere – from shootings to travel to fitness sessions – in comfortable style!

Tiger shroff Forca SS18

Flexible is fun

Tiger is the brand ambassador for the uber-cool Flex denims by Forca which boast of flexibility features in every man’s go-to item of clothing. These trendy denims are flexible and super-comfortable, thus making them perfect or any kind of active lifestyle. Tiger swears by these denims which he can sport at shoots, movie promotion events and even on his travels! The Flex denims, being stretchable, allow ease of movement – even for physical actions like dancing or martial arts. The flexibility feature of these denims have impressed Tiger Shroff enough for him to vouch for their comfort factor, so you don’t need to think twice before picking up a pair this season.

Comfort rules

If you see Tiger Shroff do his splits and jumps in the Forca clothes, you’ll realise the high comfort factor that this brand swears by. Tiger takes his Forca denims, tees or shirts to long shoot days, airports and casual occasions with effortless ease. Comfort comes first for most fashionable men out there, so the Forca pieces are perfect for all kinds of occasions. Thanks to the flexibility features, even the Forca Flex denims are comfortable enough to wear through the day, even in summer. The best part is that they are stylish as they are cool & comfy – so, a win-win choice for all trendy men out there!

Tiger shroff Forca SS18

Stylish aesthetics

Forca by Lifestyle aims at making trendy and fashionable clothes for the dapper dudes out there. From cool graphic tees to suave casual shirts to trendy denims – this range has everything for all you stylish souls out there. The denims are not only flexible for comfortable use, but they also come in trendy styles like distressed finish, acid wash, ripped look, as well as in various fits too! Tiger endorses the cool casual styles of the Forca pieces as they lend a fashionable edge to comfortable clothing – a combination that’s simply a must-have for summer!

Functional fashion

Functionality is a big part of practical clothing, and Forca by Lifestyle doesn’t underestimate the importance of functional clothes. That’s why Tiger Shroff loves to dress up in his Forca tees, shirts or denims wherever he goes – be it at promotions or shoots or at airports too. The Forca Flex denims come with a super-cool flexibility feature that makes them ideal for any kind of physical activity or for long days of running errands, college or shooting (like the Bollywood star). The tees and shirts by Forca are also comfortable and can be sported to any casual occasion, making them practical choices for the blistering Indian summer.

When Forca by Lifestyle is tested by Tiger, then it’s obvious that you need to upgrade your summer wardrobe with pieces from this brand! Take your pick from cool & comfy t-shirts, trendy casual shirts and flexible Forca Flex denims and have a fashionable season ahead, following in Tiger’s style footsteps!



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