The most colourful festival of the year is almost here! Holi is one of the most fun festivals of India, which is loved and celebrated by people of all ages, castes & communities. Welcoming Spring with vibrant bursts of colors is a great way of spending this mid-week holiday! Of course, it’s time to get all your colourful clothes (or those precious whites) out to celebrate this joyous festival. But, Holi is not just fun and colors. If you don’t take precautions or enjoy the festivities with care, then things might get nasty. So, here are a few things to keep in mind for the big, colourful festivities on this fun day!

  • Think twice before finalising your Holi outfit. Go for an all-white look, only if you are fine with the fact that you might never see them fully white again.
  • You can go for vibrant colors and stand out in the crowd. Think yellows, pinks, reds or greens!
  • If you are braving the whites, try to play with only powder colors, as water-soluble colors might leave deeper stains.
  • Pair white kurtas with colored pants or palazzos for a fun look. You can also add pops of colors through jewellery or sandals.
  • Try clashing prints for interesting ensembles – think polkas with florals, or stripes on paisleys.
  • You can also match contrasting hues for fun color-blocked looks. Pair pinks with yellows or reds with blues for a stylish outfit celebrating the festival of colors!
  • If you are heading to a friend’s house for a Holi party, remember to carry a change of clothes.
  • If you know you’re going to play it rough, and if it is going be on your own terrace or on the streets outside your house, then it’s best to wear old clothes that you can throw away even if they get completely stained.
  • Keep your make-up minimal, and preferably put oil or cream on your face, hands & legs if you want to wash off those colors easily later on.
  • Getting colors out of your hair might turn out to be a daunting task, so you can play it smart and wrap your hair in a stylish scarf to save it from all the chemicals. It’ll not only save your hair, but also add a touch of fun to your Holi look!
  • Wear comfortable footwear, preferably ones that can be washed. Flipflops, bellies, slip-ons or sandals are the shoes of choice for a fun morning of playing with colors!
  • You can wear the season’s latest trends to look your stylish best on Holi – think stripes, florals, colors like yellow & coral, or even athleisure styles that will be comfy yet fashionable.
  • Last, but not the least, play with organic or natural colors (chemicals in cheap colors are harmful for your skin and hair), avoid wasting water and play with dry powsder colors instead, try to avoid polluting water bodies with colors, keep the animals out of it – the chemicals in the colors are harmful for all animals or birds.

If you haven’t decided on your Holi outfit yet, head over to Lifestyle and pick from the new range of trendy & colourful clothes & accessories! Make sure you wear clothes that are comfortable and stylish, play safe and have a Happy Holi everyone!

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