Sale season is here and you must be bracing yourself to indulge in some heavy-duty sale-shopping! The excitement of great bargains, the anticipation of perfect finds, the temptation of high discounts and the adrenaline rush of scoring the best buys are unparalleled sensations, specially for women. But, sale shopping is not as easy-breezy as it sounds and if not done well, it can end in bad buys and hurried unworthy purchases. So, we bring to you some tips and tricks that will help you ace the sales and shop like a pro!

Make a list

A focused shopper always has a list ready in hand before venturing to the stores. Jot down a list of essentials, basics or any particular items that you might have had your eyes on and try to stick to the list while indulging in the shopping process. Make the items on the list your priority and make exceptions only for something that might come across to you as a great buy.





End of season = start of new wardrobe

The end of season sales are the best ones as the whole season’s stock is cleared in these events. So, this is generally a good time to pick up items of daily needs as well as anything fancy that might catch your eye. Sometimes, you might get great deals on stuff that you can use only in the next season, but it’s still advisable to invest in those pieces and give your wardrobe a makeover for the coming seasons.




Invest in classics

Sales are your chance to invest in some classic pieces that will last you more than one season. Add to your collection of white shirts or blue denims by picking them up at a fraction of their original prices. Even if they are at a lesser discount than other trendy items, it’s always smarter to invest in these classics as they will remain fashionable forever. So, this is the time to get some smart blazers, LBDs or chic leather pumps.

Befriend the sales staff

A melange of offers and a plethora of discounted stock can leave you dazed and confused. A smart shopper maintains a good rapport with the sales staff and takes their help when in need. Remember, the staff can easily help you with proper sizes or the correct offers and make your shopping experience faster and easier. Get pally with the sales reps, enlist their help whenever required and your shopping can be a breeze!




Identify your wants vs needs

Learn to demarcate between what you want and what you need. Prioritize your needs and look out for such items on sale that satisfy the same. Once you have got the stuff you need, then look around for things that might have caught your fancy. When you spot something that you really like and want to buy, always consider the offer and go for it only if you find the item worthwhile.

Try before you buy

Your shopping cart will pile up with items you have bagged at great discounts, but don’t forget to try them on in the excitement of getting amazing bargains. However long the queue outside the trial rooms might be, wait it out and try the clothes on before finalising what to buy. You’ll see, in most cases, you’ll discard several of your can’t-miss-to-buy choices because of wrong fits or styles that might not flatter your body.

So, keep these tips in mind and go, join the big sale shopping race on at stores near you! May the force be with you!!




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Susmita Banerjee

This was helpful. But due to long queue outside the trail room we always refuse to try out clothes and we end up choosing with wrong unfit products.