How to make your favourite pair last longer

Whether stilettos, wedges, comfy flats or boots we all have those few pairs of shoes that we would guard with our lives. But with all the daily wear and tear we find ourselves tossing out our scuffed or damaged shoes after just a few wears.
However, it doesn’t have to end that way. With our expert tips and a dose of TLC your shoes will now be able to walk miles and miles and still look brand new.

1. Always check the soles when buying a new footwear as a lot of shoes have thin soles that wear down very easily. The best way to protect your shoes is to add a protective thin layer of rubber which will add years to your footwear.

2. Just like your skin, moisturising your shoes with a quality shoe cream will nourish and keep them supple and fresh.

3. Always ensure that your shoes are kept far way from direct sunlight as the harsh UV rays can make your shoes brittle and fade off of their colour.

4. Never chuck your shoes inside the closet one atop another. Line them neatly on shelves or make use of shoes boxes to keep them in great condition.

5. If you are giving your footwear a holiday, stuff them with newspaper to maintain their shape. This also helps in avoiding deadly shoe odour and soaks in water in case they are wet or damp.

6. Eradicate dust from your shoes by brushing lightly with a soft shoe brush. You can also wipe away stubborn marks gently with a damp cloth.

7. If your sole wears out, instead of getting rid of your shoes you can always re-sole them. There are plenty of cobblers and professional shoe repair stores that will help you with this. And it’s relatively inexpensive as compared to buying a new pair of shoes.

How do you treat your shoes? Do you have any special ways of taking care of your babies? Share your tips with us by writing into us in the Comments sections below.

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