There’s nothing a good fragrance cannot do. This magical accessory can do everything from being the finishing touch of an outfit, uplifting your mood and even bringing back a memory of a person or a time. But finding your signature scent may not be as straightforward. Knowing the ingredients and, most importantly, how it smells on your skin can help you find your fragrance soulmate.

Here is a list of top 10 fragrances for women that you can turn to when in doubt…

1. Bvlgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight

4.BVLGARI Women Rose Goldea Blossom Delight for Women 50 ml
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Goldea from Bvlgari represents gold and light and is crafted after the golden goddess of beauty and the sun. It’s no wonder that the fragrance has such a light and warm aroma. The composition is of crystal musk, orange blossom, raspberry and bergamot with a hint of golden musk, Ylang-Ylang and jasmine. Nothing says floral like this perfume.

2. Davidoff Run Wild Eau de Parfum

8.DAVIDOFF Run Wild Women Eau De Parfum - 100ml
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An ode to all things nature and women who love everything green, Davidoff’s Run Wild Eau de Parfum is not something to pass on. The three main ingredients that create this divine fragrance – pomegranate, jasmine and pistachio – give it that feminine appeal.

3. DKNY Stories Women Eau de Parfum

6.DKNY STORIES Women Eau de Parfum- 100ml
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With woody, floral and fruity notes, the combination of ingredients in this perfume is why it is on this list of top 10 fragrances. The hint of spice brought about by the Pink pepper and Black cardamom blends well with the Pink guava mousse, while the remaining aromas of jasmine sambac, white tea, Black iris, vanilla bean, White sandalwood and Grey Amber Accord add a heavenly touch to the fragrance.

4. Calvin Klein Women Eau de Toilette

7.CALVIN KLEIN Women Eau De Toilette- 100ml
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If you love citrus flavours, then Calvin Klein’s Women Eau de Toilette is made for you. The spice, citrus and floral notes combine well to produce a scent you would want to wear every time you step out. Combining lemon, Pink pepper, White peonies, cedarwood and more, you will fall in love with this warm fragrance.

5. Hermes Twilly D’Hermes Eau Poivree Eau de Parfum

2.HERMES Women Twilly D'Hermes Eau Poivree Eau De Parfum- 85Ml
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The Pink bottle of this Hermes perfume gives us a hint of what the aroma might be. The peppercorn, rose and patchouli mix gives it a distinct floral yet spicy feel, while the unique bottle design makes it a one-of-a-kind purchase – a nod to creating a signature scent.

6. Guess Girl Belle Eau de Toilette

10.GUESS Girl Belle Eau De Toilette
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As the bottle suggests, Girl Belle Eau de Toilette from Guess is all about the seductive feminine appeal. The initial aromas of berries dipped in Pink champagne give way to a more floral aroma, with jasmines, peonies and violets being at the forefront. The base notes of Australian sandalwood, musk and vanilla is what stays behind through the day.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Women Cologne Spray

9.TOMMY HILFIFER Women Cologne Spray- 100 ml
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Made for the young-at-heart, effortlessly chic woman, this cologne spray also has a citrusy aroma with a burst of tangerine and mandarin notes followed by the leafy green and floral notes that ingredients like butterfly violets, desert jasmine and spearmint bring.

8. Bvlgari Goldea Eau de Parfum

1.BVLGARI Goldea Eau De parfum
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One of the best fragrances for women comes from the renowned brand Bvlgari. Another fragrance from the floral fragrance family, it has an intoxicating mix of papaya, violet leaf and jasmine to give it a light floral and fruity aroma that lingers for hours after spraying.

9. Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa Eau de Parfum

5.SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Women Signorina Misteriosa Eau de Parfum- 100ml
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A daring fragrance made for the modern woman, the Misteriosa Eau de Parfum has a bold aroma much like its bottle design. The fruity notes come from the wild blackberry, neroli, Orange blossom, tuberose, Black vanilla mousse and patchouli. The layers of aromas create an intense presence.

10. Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum

3.MICHAEL KORS Women Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum-100ml
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Be ready to exude all things sexy with the Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum. A must-have on any list of top 10 fragrances, this one has a fruity appeal that many like given by the ingredients raspberry and apricot. The other ingredients that add to this alluring fragrance are jasmine sambac, rose petals and cashmere wood.

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Kirti Ahuja

I was planning to buy a long-lasting perfume for such a long time, and my search ended with this blog. The top 10 fragrances for women mentioned above are indeed goona uplift your mood and make you feel fresh all day long. I recently received my Bvlgari Rose Goldea perfume. I’m impressed, It smells exactly like given in the description and is worth buying. Perfect for gifting.

Aarushi Kapadia

Ever since I went through this blog I started purchasing the perfume which they have recommended as top 10 fragrances for women and believe me all the collections are so sexy, well blended and you’ll love how it makes you feel when you’ll use it. On top of that, they all have long-lasting scents.

Nimisha Raut

We all wish to have our signature perfume & I felt the suggestions given on the top 10 fragrances for women are great. It helped me buy the best signature perfume for myself.

Chinmay Sawant

I was looking for the best perfume to gift my wife and my search landed me on this blog. They recommend the top 10 fragrances for women, and I bought one Bvlgari Rose Goldea, and my wife loved the gift so much.

Rita Roberts

I went through this fantastic blog that came up while I was searching for some perfumes for my daily wear. All the top 10 fragrances for women mentioned in it had a detailed description about their scent which helped me shop.

Prashant Moorthy

I was so confused about what gift should I get for my girlfriend and while searching I came across this article. It has top 10 fragrances for women and I bought one perfume for her, and she loved the scent so much that she ordered it again for herself and one for her sister.