Nothing gets you through workout sessions like music, and your gym playlist is every bit as important as the right instructor. All you need is a peppy melody to distract you from the pain and a steady rhythm that’s in sync with your momentum to give you that extra jolt of energy during workout. Aerobics is a great way of building up stamina, and motivational music choices help you do just that, in a more fun and enjoyable manner. Of course, all this in your favorite gym-wear, such as Kappa muscle tees and gym shorts for men or tank tops and trendy leggings for women from Kappa. Make sure that the music you choose is something in the range of 100 to 125 beats per minute, as faster songs wouldn’t serve well in case of difficult aerobic steps. So, here’s a fully customized and fun playlist for you that will definitely make you work (read groove) towards that fit body.


“Get Me Bodied”

This chartbuster was delivered by the American diva Beyoncé herself in the year 2006 for her second solo album B’Day. This song is of the genre bounce with moderate R & B along with touches of dance-pop, dancehall and funk music. It’s set at a moderate groove of 100 beats per minute making it perfect for steps cardio and ends the song with the word “hey” gifting you a burst of energy for the next song and exercise routine. The lyrics will definitely put you in the shoes of Beyoncé with the spirit and attitude of a woman who carries her personality in style. And of course, as Queen Bey says “A little sweat never hurt anybody”.


This single was given by The Cheetah Girls in their album “The Cheetah Girls 2” and was released in 2006 and debuted at position #60 on Billboard Top 100 making it one of their most successful hits. Its genre is basically dance-pop, Latin and R&B, having a pace of 120 BPM perfect to set you in the mood for aerobics. The fun doesn’t start till you reach the chorus and that’s when you hear the magic words, “You gotta strut like you mean it, it’s not enough just to dream it, Come on, come on, Get up!” Now, what could be more motivational than that, right?

“Gotta Work”

The title of this pop song is the bitter truth of life, you have got to achieve things in life and you have got to work for it. Sung by the American singer, Amerie, and released in 2007, this song is from her third studio album ‘Because I Love It’. This song is a mix of R & B, funk and go-go, having a bold and brassy orchestral instrumentation along with supercharged lyrics. Having aerobics appropriate beats, this song will make total sense to you while you do those aero-moves. Why? Well, with lyrics like “Sometimes you’re gonna feel pain like this, sometimes you gotta work hard for it, cause it’s still a new beginning, I know I got it in me, had my share of ups and downs, but now I know I can do anything”, it’s hard not to get your enthusiasm up, right?


“Shut Up and Let Me Go”

Want to know the funniest thing about this song? Well, you can sing the chorus directly to your aerobics instructor and he should get the hint. Don’t know whether he will act on it though! This peppy and on-beat song by the English Duo ‘The Ting Tings’ is from their debut album ‘We Started Nothing’ which released in 2008. Having the genres new wave and dance-punk, this single showcases various hand gestures and fights scenes including kung Fu contributing to the high energy of the song. So you can actually shout out “Shut up and let me go, this hurts, I tell you so” as the lyrics go and channel all that frustration towards the correct direction!

“Don’t Stop the Music”

This single was recorded by an all-time favorite, Rihanna, and released worldwide in 2007 as a part of her third studio album, ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’. This song is primarily a dance track having rhythmic devices used generally in hip hop music and a moderate tempo of 123 BTM, making this a perfect number to move your bodies in sync with during your aerobics routine. Set in the backdrop of dancing in a club, Rihanna definitely shows how to do it giving you all the motivation you need for your exercise session. So, turn up the volume and definitely ‘don’t stop the music’!

These five pop and peppy numbers have definitely earned a place in your workout playlist, making it a tad bit easier to tolerate the sweaty and painful body work right? So, dear boys and girls – sport those trendy shorts and tees from your favorite active-wear brand Kappa, plug in those earphones, blast the volume up and get fit in style!

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